Travel Theme: Circles…

Ailsa really knows how to pick them! Circles… where would I get anything new to add to a challenge as set by the traveling lady? Then, while I was out waiting for the Christmas Train to cross the Liffey a thought dawned on me… travel? Train? Dublin… train wheels… round and round they go. Circles! There you have it!

I’ll show the young lady something of Dublin she may never have seen! Imagine her delight when seeing all those wheels going around in circles… in her own home patch! What could be better? There I stood… on the chilly December morning… the slight breeze off the Liffey’s smelly water adding to the chill factor. Oh well, the lady sets high standards so I’d just have to persevere… why not? Maybe a bit of Irish vista would cheer her up as she travels across the vast stretches of the US of A. Maybe not!

Steam crossing the Liffey in Dublin... Dec 2012Only thing… I can’t see the wheels going round and round… so, that means nor can Ailsa. Drat… but, then I’m sure the travel part works. OK… we’ll all have to visualise the wheels going round and round… circles in the mind! Circles… round and round they go… and go!

There I stood, wondering what next to do. The train was gone… only the bits of smoke still wafting like fading memories along the Liffey. Another thought struck… I’d take the easy way out. Tara Street Station was to the left of the bridge in picture… I’d take a slow walk there and catch the next train to my station.

The photographer , his assistant and the sphere... As they say in the classics… serendipity favours the lazy. OK I know, I may just have made that one up… but you get the picture. I arrived at my station to find a photographer hard at work… lining up his lens with the sphere… then polishing the ball… then back to taking shots… all for a project, he informed me.

Get that ball... circles in the sun... Well? Are spheres not circles of a kind? The most perfect kind, are they not? So… Ailsa… there you have it. I managed to find something fresh and round to show you and all those who care to look.

The ball of all balls... OK… last one. Just on an ending note… I’m wondering how many circles can show a tad more? If you’re really bored stiff and need amusement… there are at least three figures visible in a few of the shots… the crystal ball doesn’t lie, does it? 😉

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6 Responses to Travel Theme: Circles…

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  2. Sallyann says:

    Did you notice the eye of the crystal ball looking back at you in the last but one shot ? 😀
    I wonder if that’s what the photographer saw. 🙂


  3. Gaelyn says:

    The reflecting ball is wonderful and sure fits the bill for circles.


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