My… How Far The Mighty Have Fallen!

Our invincibility seems to decrease with age. A natural progression, you may say. Yep… think of it this way… when you were ten you lashed around the block on your new bicycle… no care in the world, not a bother on you, as the Irish are prone to say. Life was fun, life was as fast as you could get it to go. You wanted to be grown up. You wanted to get there in a hurry. No matter where there was.

As the years pass… and dare I say it, as the decades passed, you realised on the odd occasion at first… that you weren’t quite as mighty as you once thought you may have been. To some that realisation came relatively soon into adulthood. Where I came from we boys were expected to do a stint of military service after leaving school or university. Only a few could get away with not going to the army, air force, medics or navy.

Some lived carefree military lives never seeing much of the action, rarely seeing the outside of the camp fence. Then there were those who always seemed to be in the action, as if some folk are fated to do all the doing while the majority are destined to do the watching of asking later what all the fuss had been about.

I think I may just have scraped into the first group… choices in life can influence your path without you ever working out why you made the choice or even had the faintest idea of where your path was leading. I joined the Air Force… yep, I wanted to fly… not in the back of the aeroplane… in the cockpit. Yes, I know you’re saying so did thousands of others. Indeed… so did thousands of others. For some there was a different route. Join the other ranks, the technical services, for the want of a better description. Only problem… many more thousands wanted to do this as they already knew they would never make flying training.

Fortunately for me, predestination took it’s winding course. My school-leaving attributes fell within the correct category band. I’d been blesses with above average health… the bones were relatively strong, the school subject choices spot-on. Maths, science, geography and other bits just what the technical services (and flying services) needed.

But I digress, well… sort of. You see, we the fly-boys, thought we were something else. Remember Tom’s role in Top Gun? That was tame! Invincibility was our select privilege… until something went wrong. Aircraft accidents tend to be life changing experiences. Flying bullets tend to occasionally, just occasionally, change one’s life perceptions. Throw in the odd bike prang or car incident and even, as I’ve told of before… the odd coming off a moving train.

If you start adding the times when you’re very close to oblivion then you realise there may well be Divine protection on life’s winding path. But, back to getting on in life. Back to coming to terms with the fact that you’re not all as mighty as you may have thought you were twenty or thirty years ago. One of the first signs? The necessity to aid the once powerful vision with bits of glass. Yep. In good old Afrikaans there is a saying… once you reach the ’brille and pille’ stage in life you’re moving closer to the Big Five-0! (brille and pille = spectacles and tablets…)

Then… one morning I stumbled upon a post written by the wife of a diabetic. Stab, bleed, test, repeat – or don’t. It made me think a little more. It made me wonder about the march of time… about the punishment we put our bodies through when we’re in our invincible phase. Yes, we must surely all go through that stage, knowingly or unwittingly… life! The lady goes by the name of Rarasaur. Interesting name… interesting site and moreover… a subtle reminder of our inevitable getting on in life.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 more than five years ago… I still say my body went into an uncontrolled spin after I’d (eventually) managed to kick the smoking habit… that, and the effects of the previous few years night shift and of course my hard, at times fast, living. They all added up… my, how the mighty can come crashing down!

Anyway, today I’m somewhat healthier than when I was diagnosed. Thankfully, the last time I went off to have my bi-annual bloods done my 3 month blood sugar result came back in the ’NORMAL’ range. Something I’m constantly striving for and monitoring with frequent self testing. But alas, if I should stop taking my daily sugar control tabs I wonder?

I also wonder about the progression of the disease… even with the help of medication I feel the effects more often these days. So… even though I’m not the pontificating type, let there be a lesson in here somewhere… time catches up with our actions! Let me not start sobbing just yet. I’m not that kind of person… I don’t want to dwell on the negatives… only to point out that if we make small changes in our lives early on then things are bound to be better in later life. The principle of compound interest perhaps? Seems to me it works both ways…

I mean, we do want to enjoy the future, don’t we? So… if we tweak our habits earlier we may well extend our enjoyment span without increasing the workload too much… that’s if our predestination and choices allow us that luxury!

Self testing for blood sugar levels,...PS – Fortunately I don’t have to test multiple times per day anymore… every second day is enough. I hate sticking the little prickers into my fingertips… believe me, when you hit a spot you’ve used before it’s fully healed it stings.

PSS – No, I didn’t ever make it to pilots training. As a technical type I made it to the even more select (we always used the excuse) flight engineer’s seat! Predestination? Yes… that fortuitous choice resulted in the meeting of my good lady wife… LIFE!!

PSSS – I’ve never professed to be mighty… the title just works so well!! 😉

PSSSS – That was an actual test result… the good lady obliged with the happy snapping. I’m rather please with the reading… 6.2 on the scale is in the normal range, that not an hour after supper, and tablets, it must be said… still, I don’t often test in the evening so it turned into a worthwhile exercise… 😉

PSSSSS – OK… I’ll go now… enjoy your week! 😉 Life’s good!

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8 Responses to My… How Far The Mighty Have Fallen!

  1. Diane C says:

    As someone a couple of years on the far side of 50, I concur with everything you’ve said. I don’t have diabetes but I do have bits of metal all through my legs. I always set off the beepers when I go through airport security.


  2. rarasaur says:

    Thanks for the link back, and the kind words. 🙂 It sounds like you’re kicking diabetes’ butt, 😀 I’m glad. So few people do anything about their diabetes, and that’s when you start dealing with all the horrors that you briefly allude to in your post. This is great advice to remind people in the pre-diabetic stage to make some positive changes before tiny problems become bigger ones… I also enjoyed the reality of the post… all around, thank you for this. I’m glad there’s posts like this out there in the world… just in case it helps anybody help themselves. None of us are invincible, after all. 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      No… life is rather short for us mere mortals… so, we must strive to do the best we can!! 😉

      Thank you for placing the spark for the inspiration… I enjoy doing this kind of ‘life’s experience’ post… when there’s time, that is!!


  3. Sallyann says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the falling, it’s not the falling that hurts … and your don’t hit the bottom till the very end. 🙂


  4. I’m certainly aware of my bones creeking now so I tried Pilates aware that I was no longer as supple as I used to be…my did I ache afterwards and pulled something in my neck and the pain so bad I could not sleep for a week. I look at my body now and then look at photos of when I was young. Mr Piglet asked me where the girl was he married. I turn round and say to him, mate you are no oil painting either and last time I looked at the photosof our younger days you had a full head of hair!

    Would you have botox to promote eternal youth?


    • aj vosse says:

      No Picasso… no, I most certainly ain’t!! More like a gone wrong Dali… 😀 Do remember… we’re often more than happy with the way our girls look now… me, I still like pinching the good lady’s firm posterior!! 😉 (I’m going to get slapped… again!) Onto the botox question… one plain and simple answer… NO!!! 😛 Have fun in the sun…


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