Travel theme: Transportation – More Dublin Steam…

Last week’s theme saw me throw in a bit of Dublin for Ailsa… just the Santi Train crossing the Liffey. That was all in an effort to get the circular theme going. Well… this week the good lady can than the Santi Train again… only… this time I got real close and personal. So… just in case there is a touch of home-sickness floating about at this stage of the game… here’s a bit of Dublin many don’t get to see too often… even managed to get a sneak peek of Santi… I must say though… his Elves were seriously camera-shy…

I’m not going to label the photos… all I’ll say is that I’ll throw in something of everything .. even at one point a plane going high over head… this is a transportation post after all, is it not? Some old… some not so old and some more… steam  vapour smoke, smog and even vapour trails… the Aviva… the Google buildings… and Santi… never forgetting Santi… strange sleigh?

Watch this space later on in the week… there may be a few extra few train related surprises to throw in!!

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6 Responses to Travel theme: Transportation – More Dublin Steam…

  1. I wish more steam trains would be preserved here in South Africa


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  3. geogypsy2u says:

    Well without snow how else do you expect St Nick to get around. Nice mix of train shots.


  4. Jo Bryant says:

    wow – great images


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