Meeting Room Ditty… Again…

Here we sit again, yes.. in sore agony again
Waiting for the streaky rain to stain the pane
Or, for the protagonist who’s so slick and vain

We sit, wallowing in our thoughts, in total silence
Suppressing the urge for random acts of violence
Hope the fellow will arrive to share needed guidance

‘Tis the season to be silly, yes it is that time indeed
Twelve months have lashed by with alarming speed
Now we wait, all together, for the fellow’s annual deed

We’ll have to listen to loads of drivel and reams of praise
The words will roll over heads like the mist of winter’s haze
All I want to hear is word of that long overdue promised raise

The fellow’s been delayed, on the Continent he’s had to stay
We wait… again, while lads set up links to shorten the delay
Is this an omen… will we have to wait for news on another day?

Screens flicker into life, shadowy figures on the wall appear
We’ll get to see our man, of that there is no doubt… no fear
Technology has improved, now we see him loud and clear

“Good day all,” says he, “pity we couldn’t meet face to face…”
“Times are tight, the client’s not impressed, it’s a disgrace…”
“Budgets to be slashed, cuts to be made, it’s a tight race”

“Never fear my special team, you’ve shown what can be done…”
“I’m just having you on… having myself some year’s end fun!”
“You’ll have better news after the New Year party’s begun!…”

He signs off with a cheery message of season’s goodbye
No chance for our hearty thanks… no chance for a reply
Sitting in wonder, will we get that raise, was it all just a lie?

 The lads do the Google Docks facade, Dublin Ireland

I was at a bit of a loss as to a picture to include… until I remembered, Sallyann once asked to see the view from my desk. Well, now is a good time to show you because we have to move early in the new year… drat!!  I was just starting to like my spot… oh well, business needs and all. But then… I couldn’t find that photo, so… I recalled taking a shot of the lads washing the windows… for the big boss. It just so happened to be during the Tall Ships weekend…

Where's that basket?Just in case you wondered… no, there were only 2 lads in the basket… the reflection in the already washed pane is only that… a reflection. And to place the whole matter of window cleaning into perspective… spot the basket anyone? 😉

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2 Responses to Meeting Room Ditty… Again…

  1. Sallyann says:

    Moving desks or moving buildings ? It would be a shame to miss out on all those birds eye views. 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      Moving buildings… across the road. The Big G owns three and leases a few more in our area… I look after much of the mechanical systems (HVAC & A/C) as well as other bits and pieces .. fun, so… I’ll still get to visit all my vantage points… I’m the proverbial roof dweller… one of the few who gets to go to the roofs of all the buildings… fun!! 😉


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