Happy NEW Year… of Challenges NEW – T200… Dawn

Happy New Year!!

As I have been known to say on occasion…

‘May everything you wish upon others come back to visit you as well…’

But then… I’ve been called a sarcastic old goat before so have fun… make the most of the year… make the most of your abilities, develop them… even if you think they’re not much good. You never know… that book deal you’re wishing on your best friend may come your way!

OK… what am I on about? Inspiration… often comes in strange forms… often arrives when least expected. Ailsa has had me thinking for a while. I’ve wanted to put out a weekly challenge of my own for some time. But what? WP do all sorts of challenges… then, there are all kinds of interesting blogs out there that call for weekly submissions or daily input. What can I do that’s not been done before? Little… until all the pennies dropped at more or less the same time.

I’ll get back to Ailsa and here travel challenges shortly. Before that though, I have to tell you of two young ladies who I’ve had the privileged of sharing ideas with. They both want to write… they both want to let their creative juices flow… but on more than one occasion each have said to me they’re not quite ready, or… they’re too busy… or… or… or!

I’ve tried to encourage them… I’ve even taken an idea from one of the ladies… snap fiction, I think is the term… and incorporated it into my thinking… my challenge to you all out there. T200. T200?

Yes… Tuesday 200. I’ll give you a theme or topic for a two hundred word post. I’ll put out that post on a Tuesday. That seemed a good day to me. Why? So many other challenges seem to be centered around the weekend… so, I’ll give you something to think about during the mid-week doldrums.

Back to Ailsa. Her latest challenge is NEW… now all the pennies hit the deck. This year Tuesday is the first day of the NEW Year! T200 is born. New… birth… I hope the birth of something that may grow strong. A challenge that will stimulate… a seed planted here… a word scattered there… all in the long run to encourage others to be creative. To use your word skills to entertain, amuse or enlighten others.

I’d already dreamed up the first topic… Dawn. It fits in so well with NEW… why not? It is, after all, the dawning of a bright New Year. So… here you go… let’s get the juices flowing… here’s my intro…

T200 Challenge… (the first) DAWN

Dawn. It couldn’t be simpler… the breaking of the day. The beginning of another bit of our lives that we can be thankful for. Bright dawn… grey, misty… soggy. Maybe you know someone who goes by the name of Dawn… maybe you don’t.

Dawn. A concept rather unfamiliar to many. Yes, when they lift the groggy heads off the pillow half the day has often gone by. Their dawn is midday… their dawn may also be bright… grey, misty… soggy. Their dawn may even be snowy. Who knows?

OK… we’ll have to distinguish then… early dawn or later dawn? Which is best? For that answer we may best go to the animals. What’s the old story about the bird and the worm? I bet the worm wished the bird belonged to the late dawn tribe… or visa versa? Different day, different aspirations?

So we all have our dawns… excitement or dread? Love or loath? Winter or summer? Busy or idle? Play or work… life goes on, day after seemingly endless day. Yet, not one of us can meet the day without facing a dawn of some sort before we get motoring on with life! I do hope you enjoyed your dawn… and hopefully you’ll enjoy every dawn for all your days!

OK… it doesn’t have to be exactly 200 words… say 200 give or take about 25 either way? What it is supposed to be is a way of getting you typing… or, if it tickles your fancy, using long hand. 

Thanks to the 3 young ladies for getting my mind working sufficiently to set you all the challenge… T200 is the culmination of playing with many ideas… Ailsa, GW (who I have posted about before) and LH… now you have no longer any excuse not to write something. Somehow, I don’t think Ailsa has need for excuses… but as you’re partly to blame for T2oo, you get a mention as well!!

Lastly… to use Ailsa’s tried and tested formula… here’s what I’d like you to do to get this thing moving…

Tell the world what ‘DAWN’ mean to you. If you’d like to join in this week’s T200 theme then please:

  • Create your own post and title it – T200 – Dawn
  • Include a link to this page in your post so others can find it
  • Get your post in by next Monday as the new T200 is sure to arrive the next day
  • Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date on the latest. Sign up via the email subscription link in the sidebar or RSS.

January dawn through the train window... Good Luck… thanks and once again, Happy New Year!

PS – Apologies if I’ve inadvertently stolen someone’s ideas but up to this point I have not come across a similar type of challenge…


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7 Responses to Happy NEW Year… of Challenges NEW – T200… Dawn

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  2. Happy New Year Vossie to you and your wonderful family! cheers to 2013 being a great year for all.


  3. ailsapm says:

    AJ, cracking idea my friend, just caught this now, been playing catch up with many many entries over the last couple of weeks. I love it, I am honoured to have been partly responsible for it and shall try to participate as often as possible. Happy New Year to you! xxx


    • aj vosse says:

      I’m delighted you enjoy the idea… now, if you’re fast you can be the first one to take up the challenge!! That would be justice… I would say! 😉

      Have fun… what ever mischief you’re planning next! 😛


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