Blogging (Entertaining) in the New Year – A Few Rules

During conversation with family on New Year’s Eve, PQ, who is incidentally one of Santi’s bigger helpers, mentioned something that’s in turn prompted this post. PQ suggested that in a previous post I’d come across rather harsh… cantankerous and maybe even a little ill-willed or bad-tempered. (OK… I threw in cantankerous… for effect.)

Not someone who takes kindly to criticism, of any kind, I was quick to point out that on occasion I write on the edge of reason… tongue fully in cheek, if you know what I mean. Especially if something has chipped me off and I want to get my point across… I will embellish and stretch the story as much as I feel like doing. My prerogative, you may agree.

That particular post was about folk bringing their toddlers to the workplace. (Click here to read…) I’m no fan of the practice because so often the proud parents don’t seem to realise that their little dears are maybe just a little frightened and stresses by the whole experience… need I tell you what the results are when that happens? Noise! Often lots of it!!

OK… back to PQ’s point. He suggested I remind you kind folk of the dangers of taking my posts too literally. So… I’m going to start the year on the right foot, yes, not the left one… by laying down the…

wait for it…

Rules of Engagement at OMBH:-

Disclaimer 1 – Life’s too short to be too serious about oneself… lighten up… enjoy the ride!

Disclaimer 2 – When the dedicated staff at OMBH take off on a rant the post is often written with a firm dollop of mirth or even a touch of lighthearted sarcasm thrown in… I apologise, we don’t intend to offend, just to stir the pot a tad! 

Disclaimer 3 – I’m prone to making spelling errors… blame it on the lisdexia! I’m occasionally finding even ‘spell check’ is letting me down… or I’m not using the system correctly… usually the editor in chief, she that must always be obeyed, points out the errors… days after I’ve posted something… please accept my apologies.

Disclaimer 4 – ‘Everyone is entitled to an opinion… but, you may only express it once you’ve earned the right to open your mouth in the company of others.’  As quipped by me is a previous post, click here to see what I was on about on that fun-filled day…

Disclaimer 5 – Remember, I’m not trying to wind you up… I’m merely trying to entertain… or maybe even enlighten.

Disclaimer 6 – I don’t take kindly to criticism… I believe it’s always based negatively… there’s no such thing as constructive criticism… that’s a bull, fallacious PC concept… my opinion… (refer to number 4)!

Disclaimer 7 – Not all doors are made for going through… some should be avoided… or at best only peeped through. Or… should that be at worst…? 

Disclaimer 8 – I waffle… I know… I’m proud of the fact and will attempting to master the art… something called ‘continuous improvement’ by the management classes – a principle to be admired when correctly applied.

Disclaimer 9 – All disclaimers are subject to terms and conditions which may change at any give point in time, depending on the mood of the main contributor at OMBH.

Disclaimer 10 – If, or when, in doubt… revert to Disclaimer 1 and work your way through again… and if necessary… again… FUN!!

OK… enough!! Now we’ve established the ground rules. And to think… I was about to share with you all the blog’s stats from last year. Stats… how boring! Thanks PQ… the seed you planted has sprouted. Do return with more suggestions please… I’m going to enjoy the cause and effect process!!

OK… so, what do I do for a photo? Well… as the sparks might fly because of the imposition of these stiff new rules… what better way than to introduce the whole affair with a few sparks of my own?

Touché… from one of life’s truly gifted naturally born wafflers… go on… I gotta!! Whoopy… 

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11 Responses to Blogging (Entertaining) in the New Year – A Few Rules

  1. ha ha right on aj!


  2. Fergie lover says:

    Is an observation or an interpretation, whether a right or wrong interpretation actually criticism… the words of a wise man define criticism …….(tongue in cheek assured) 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      No… observations are usually based on common sense? Or are they… they’re always welcome… just as long as they’re not thinly disguised criticism… wha… haa haa… I’m really enjoying this!! 😉


      • aj vosse says:

        PS… mmmmm Lover’s of Fergie usually get caught up in controversy… don’t they… I recall some Royal attachment called Fergie… she got all sorts of fan mail… 😉 no… don’t go down the tongue between toes road… sorry!! 😛


  3. geogypsy2u says:

    Rules, were made to be broken.


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