Zach And Sister Form A Team

“Lift your other leg Master Scrumhalf!” Sister spoke with gentle assurance. Somehow Zach had become fond of her. Zach the loner, Zach who did not care for the company of others, even at this young age, had become fond of someone other than his Aunt Gertruida. Schoolboy crush?

No, he told himself, while lying here in the hospital’s recovery room… she’d been his only link with the outside world. Apart from the books, magazines and occasional visit from Aunt Gertruida. He never seemed to see Doctor, he only ever seemed to hear his voice. Doctor, the fixer of broken bones, remained a nameless enigma.

At least he knew who Sister was. Her name tag was clear to see… Sister H de Lange… the red lettering stood out against the burnished silver. Everything about Sister was smart. Her uniform impeccable, creases in places where they should be. The little pockets contained what they must, scissors, thermometer… pens, a pencil for filling in his chart… and of course, the upside down watch pinned to her uniform, her left breast providing the perfect angle to read the time, even at only the mere downward deflection of her gaze.

Some would say it would be very easy for a boy to form a crush on such a splendid specimen, if that was the politically correct way to suggest she be labelled. The colour or her pretty blue eyes was accentuated by the frame of jet black hair. Practical cut, yet sufficiently feminine to add to her appeal.

Sister wore very little make-up. Her natural features and smooth, unblemished skin were in no need for the paintbrush or spatula… no need for body-putty and layering’s of foundation. Mother Nature had provided amply, not forgetting to take care of the shapely lines either. Yes, Sister carried herself well, that was evident to Zach, even at his tender age.

The confidence grew slowly in Zach, he was itching to ask a few questions but as his upbringing frowned on fraternising with older ladies he was slow in asking. The moment needed to be right.

“Come now Master, lift that right leg… I need to get to you know where to give you a proper wash…” This was the moment. Zach had to turn away from her so he wouldn’t see her face, nor would she see his as she was facing away…

“What is your real name Sister… where are you from… where is this place… how long must that contraption still be pulling at my leg…???” The questions tumbled out.

“Slow down young man… “ her tone of mock horror didn’t quite hide the laughter lurking just beneath, “you ask too many questions… but, if you’re a good boy I’ll answer them for you as time goes by.” She finished off beneath the sheet… pulling back the cover as she withdrew her gentle hands. “My name is Hester, people call me Hessie… that’s if I allow them.”

Sister looked down at the blushing boy… Zach’s diminutive figure seemed even smaller at that moment. She smiled, as if to break the mood and to brighten to room even more, “You are welcome to call me Hessie… if you want to, that is.”

Zach gulped… as if the air was willfully attempting to escape without providing the much needed oxygen his lungs craved, “OK…” he stammered, “OK… H… Hes… Hessie… I’ll call you that, but not when others are here.” He suspected Aunt Gertruida would disapprove if she were to find her young nephew on first name terms with the carers.

Sister continued with her routine… “You are in the Rehabilitation Center in Upington… do you know the one? Near the river. Your aunt had you transferred here after your accident.”

“Wow, Upington…” he gasped in awe, “no, I’ve only been to the town once before… to play an important regional trials rugby game…” Zach paused again, to catch his breath, “Why here?”

“Because I live here… because the Doctor lives here… because your aunt wanted only the best for you…” The warmth in her voice was indication that a fondness existed between his aunt and Sister… err… Hessie. She continued without much of a pause, occasionally casting a glance in his direction. “I’ve known your aunt from way back… we shared lodgings in Pretoria, many moons ago.”

“I was working at the military hospital, so too, was Doctor at that stage. We worked in the orthopedic trauma section… fixing up young fellows who’d been injured in the bush war. That’s why your aunt wanted us to look after you… we specialise in the rehabilitation of compound fractures and traumatic injuries.”

Zach listened, fascinated by the tale… and fascinated by the image hovering around him. Yes, she had a particular bearing… similar to that of his aunt. They carried themselves well… with dignity… authority. “Have you known my aunt for a long time?”

“Well, ever since those days. We would occasionally talk, we would enjoy the odd meal together… the odd movie or walk down the Jacaranda lined streets in spring. Your aunt was always in this museum or that library… I would tag long on my off days… we had fun.” The faraway look in her eyes suggested a longing back to those days.

“Your aunt would disappear for days on end… sometime even weeks…” Hessie paused, looking intently into his eyes… “if I tell you this then you must promise never to say anything to your aunt. If I let you onto my team then you must keep this to yourself… promise!” She paused, waiting for a reply so when he nodded she continued… “No one knew what your aunt did for a living… but the whispers went around that she was working in intelligence, military intelligence… yes, they all said she was a spy.”

That was another day Zach will never forget… he looked out of the open double doors to see the strangest of cloud formations in the bright blue sky… and even the Christmas beetles seemed to have gone quiet… for a while, at least. Strange things were happening to him in this place… strange, but true?

Clouds against the blue sky...Gertruida lives in the faraway Rolbos… feel free to read one of here tales… click here to enjoy!!

Thanks again to Amos… the spark his writing ignited may yet cause quite an inferno… well, I hope it does!

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8 Responses to Zach And Sister Form A Team

  1. good stuff – look forward to the next one. 🙂


  2. Diane C says:

    Can’t wait for the next instalment!


  3. Nice going! Keep it up…the writing, that is…


  4. geogypsy2u says:

    Excellent descriptions. I feel like a fly on the wall. Keep it up and in time you’ll have that eBook.


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