Friendliness, Gullibility and Stupidity!

When last have you had one of those days? At this point the week is turning into one of those weeks! Yes, on occasion I’m subjected to frustrations that could well have stayed. Monday had its own challenges… as Monday’s often do. Around lunchtime a bright young thing decided to challenge my judgement. Those who know me will agree that such foolishness is not a bright idea. So, to the bright young thing who mistook my seemingly endless friendliness for gullibility… take note of the following…

My bite is far WORSE than my bark!! Multiplied by ten to the nth degree! 

The rather chastised fellow is still experiencing a bit of the cold shouldered staring routine. Maybe a few more days of said treatment could be the cure for his apparent lack of concentration.  Nothing like putting the children on the ‘bold step’ from time to time… their lessons in manners can only be reinforced by such parental endeavour.

OK… enough said about the fun at work… at home on Tuesday morning a wee misunderstanding with the GLW leaves me at the freezing platform sipping my coffee… reflecting on my role in the big wide world. By Tuesday evening Senior Son and I have a small difference of opinion… about his college attendance. That little matter is still simmering… he’s not quite come full circle to be in total alignment with my thought process. But then, I usually leave him to stew in his own juice. He’s a bright lad…

By Wednesday morning the little PC pulled a fast one! A real fast one! I lost about 3 complete Zach tales… they were all ready… waiting for the upload. Also a few other bits I’ve been working on lately… drat to the nth degree, multiplied by the same figure of ten! OK… I hear you ask… did you hit SAVE? Maybe, maybe not… who cares? In this day of auto saving things should not just disappear into the cyber void… or, should they?

Friendship… yep, fortunately JR found a way to get at the missing stuff. Yes… now I can even go back and search for other pieces I though were forever gone to word paradise in the cyber void. JR…   I owe you… times 2. We’ll have to go walk about one evening. I’d better stay in your good books… I have a feeling the little PC may need your ministrations again in the future.

So… there you have it. Seems things are on the up, seems at this rate I may yet buy that winning lotto ticket. It will help, then maybe I won’t need to stress over gullibility and stupidity… just carry on with building friendships!!

Night view of the Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin Ireland, as seen from the beginning of the Royal CanalAt least we’ve had one bright evening so far this week… so, here’s a photo of the Samuel Beckett Bridge taken from a different angle… sans tripod, again. The reflection fits perfectly into the beginning of the Royal Canal… where the Sea Lock enters the Liffey…

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12 Responses to Friendliness, Gullibility and Stupidity!

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  3. Sallyann says:

    Great picture … wonderfully placed reflection. 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks… the taking of the photo has led me to explore new options for securing the camera to railings and the like… I have found a flexi-tripod… now, all I must do is find the pennies… 😉


  4. Fergie lover says:

    Brave person who pushes their luck in that neck of the woods


  5. Yikes, I’m off to back up my novel elsewhere! I do not have a fairy to come to my resuce 😦 What about your son did he come around to your way of thinking on collehe attendence?


  6. Diane C says:

    Having had weeks like that – hell, months like that – I can certainly sympathize. And after having lost several important documents and many insignificant ones into the ether, I took two steps to avoid a repeat:
    1. I now email a copy of everything important to my email account that sits in the cloud, and
    2. I bought a Mac. Every PC I owned proved itself to be a PoS so I bit the financial big one and bought an iMac. Then I bought a Macbook. Then my husband bought an iPad. Then I bought an iPhone. Yes, we are Mac converts and will never go back!


    • aj vosse says:

      I’m in agreement with you about e-mail… that I hang onto. My issue comes with word/ works. My little notepad took a bit of a knock some time ago. I think that’s the cause of the problem. Now, it will on occasion freeze on opening or closing… usually linked to the modem not switching off/ on…

      As for Apple… no thank you, my personal experiences and taste… sorry, each to their own and all those nice things, but that’s the way I ‘grew up’ …

      PS – I know I should think of getting a new laptop… I just love the little thing I have… it’s rather robust and seems to handle the daily commute better than I do… most days, that is!

      PSS – I’ve not forgotten about the Versatile Blog award you sent my way, I’ll get around to doing a post very shortly… thanks again! 😉


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