Beyond! W Photo C…

Beyond! The first image that sprang to mind was of this bridge. I will not easily forget the day. The going was not all that good… soft underfoot… into a more than stiff westerly… mizzle turning wet at times… and this Accommodation Bridge out in the middle of nowhere… or, as I said in the post about that walk… actually out in the middle of the bog!

Bog Bridge on the Royal Canal... out beyond nowhere?Accommodation bridges, as they are know here in Ireland, were constructed when the canals were built… to link communities or even allow a farmer access to his lands. This bridge, Bog Bridge if I can remember it being called, is a fine specimen of over-engineering by early 1800’s standards.

But back to the beyond of nowhere… I just never seemed to reach the bridge… I must have walked for almost an hour before I eventually arrived at the imposing structure. All the while my mind was playing games… what lays beyond? How much further to go beyond that bridge? Is this really the beyond of nowhere??

Yes... I was at the beyond of nowhere... At one point I got so frustrated I stopped… and left my mark… so, if you want to see how other Word Pressers looked at their beyonds… click here for a peek!

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5 Responses to Beyond! W Photo C…

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  3. Sallyann says:

    I bet it looks really strange in the mist or fog … a doorway to somewhere … nowhere … anywhere ? 🙂


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