Travel Theme: UP!

Winter blues? Look up! This week Ailsa suggests the Christmas festive aftereffects, ie… the January doldrums, can be having us staring into our soup… feeling sorry for ourselves. Sulking. Why? Well… I for one has again been reminded of that age-old classic… far too many weeks at the end of the pay! Yes… payday is still almost a week distant yet… oh well, I’m sure you know the feeling.

So… Ailsa suggests we don’t look up the name of the nearest pawn shops, sorry… maybe I’m suggesting that. OK… lift our noses and see what happens above our normal eye-line. OK… I’ll show you a few upward looking pics of Dublin. I know Ailsa will appreciate seeing a few shots of her hometown again.

Look up... they're looking down... chopper and bird as seen from below the Fusiliers ArchThe Fusilier’s Arch is to be found at the Grafton Street entrance to St Stephen’s Green. This arch is, as Wiki quotes, one of the few remaining ‘colonial’ structures still to be found in Ireland.

Names inscribed on the underside of the Fusiliers ArchThere are some who suggest the names inscribed on the underside of the arch fought on the wrong side, hence the other name for the arch… Traitor’s Gate. As a South African I can certainly agree with the sentiment. The folk whose names can be seen served the British cause, against my forefathers. However, in keeping with the ‘UP’ theme… that’s in the past… we must look forward to the future, reconciliation is needed, something that is in dire need up north in Northern Ireland!

Lastly… for those of you who are wondering what the arch really looks… here’s one where you don’t have to crank the neck too far over…

Fusiliers Arch as seen from Grafton Street, Dublin Ireland

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  2. Sallyann says:

    Different perspectives …


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