Walls.. Part One…

Ailsa has a tendency of getting our minds working… so, as a precursor… I’ll throw in a few DUB walls… later, there’ll be more… I hope!

So… here are a few, mostly from last year’s Tall Ships. Actually, I was looking for another pic when these happened into the post… so, I say no more…

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20 Responses to Walls.. Part One…

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  6. Love the “no barking” one.


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  8. These are fun–I am glad they forced their way to this post, even if they were not your first thought.


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks… yes, I actually had something totally different in mind… maybe I’ll still do the other post as well… after all, I did call this one part 1… 😉


  9. One of the best posts from mrscarmichael’s pov.


  10. Interesting collection of walls.


  11. This is a fun assortment of shots! 😉


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