Unique! WPhotoC…

Some sort of joke? That’s more or less what I thought when I first caught sight of this week’s challenge.

Unique? Unique… Unique!! I can’t get too into the definition… each and every one of us… yes, we’re in essence the same… two legs… two arms… two ovaries… slash // testis… too young, two heads? Too particular? Two people? Too familiar… 2 too 2 too again!! Unique… like every cloud we see. Like every tree we see… fingerprints of God.

Yep… even though we deny or accept our oneness we are all totally different. Unique… special. God’s fingerprint. Fingerprints of God. No… we can’t make ourselves… we can only live within ourselves… our skins… our personalities. Unique… special… special, unique! Yes… the harder we try to conform… the more unique we are.

Uniqueness eventually takes over… once that hairstyle was good… then it lost favour… so? Tattoos?… piercings? To be unique? Then… like all uniqueness the one sheep follows the other… look at me. I’m special… unique?

No… I’ve turned into a clone… a proper *$^$*… has that bit of tin sticking out my ear? Speak like the next trash tossing head? Unique… yep… seems the way to go!

No my friend… be yourself, without changing yourself… don’t attempt to change your DNA by means of artificial means… don’t have a go at being better or worse than you can be by being stupid! Remember… your uniqueness stems from the fingerprint of your God!!

I couldn’t find one unique… why? They’re all special!! Boats… rivers, my two sons… yep, they’re in there… on the same day… every face is unique… every story is special!! Why…?? Fingerprints of a true God!!

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12 Responses to Unique! WPhotoC…

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  5. vastlycurious.com says:

    Really a unique gallery! Loved them all !


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks… Friday nights are fun… when I do the challenges I’ve usually supped a few glasses of wine (after work habit on Friday’s) so… the imagination and creativity are given free reign… well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!! 😉


  6. livvy30 says:

    A sunny day…also unique!


    • aj vosse says:

      That is very true!! A great day last August… I’m actually doing a post for tomorrow, Ailsa’s challenge, ‘Shadows’ using a few more pics taken on the day… yes, you guessed… featuring shadows! 😉


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