Revulsion and Shame!

The more I thought of the news my GLW shared with me on Saturday morning the more the loathing increased. I am, at this point of my life, finding it very, very difficult to call myself a proud South African. In fact, I rather wish this dark episode will not cast an eternal shadow on us as a people.

I cannot help but feeling a guilt that I’ve never experienced before in my life. Even the guilt of being born into apartheid South Africa cannot compare with the guilt of being associated with this latest level of barbarism. Yes folk… the rulers of my country of birth have rather much to answer for! When lawlessness is allowed to stoop to such lows then I’m afraid there can be very little hope for a bright future in what is now the sorry shambles of a country called South Africa.

The best part of it all, sorry… the most despicable part of it all? The international media are again silent! When a young lady is raped and killed in India it makes world news… when a Pakistani girl is shot for attending school we read about it… but, when these utterly barbaric crimes are committed in South Africa there is no outcry!

What I find even more disturbing is the fact that we South Africans who do speak out are ignored… yes, I have written before… including using this blog as a tool… to no avail. It seems that every time I mention the horrendous crime rate in SA the posts are ignored. Glossed over… treated with fleeting interest. Not taken seriously.

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is titled HOME. I will use this rather apt title to ask how you would feel today if your home was afflicted with such a curse? How would you feel if you were living in a country where your chances of having a happy home life was constantly under treat? How would you feel if you had daughters living in a country where this is happening? How would you feel if the lawmakers turn a blind eye all the time? If they are as evil and corrupt as the perpetrators of the crimes?

How would you feel if you lived in a country whose people supported the folk who are now in power? Tell me… would you also hang your head when you have to face the fact that your country’s governments sanctioned support for the murderers now in power in a country once the jewel of Africa? How would you feel if you realised that the world is constantly turning the collective blind eye to the horrors been subjected on the innocent population?

How would you feel if you read the article I’m supplying the link to, PLEASE CLICK HERE, please! How would you feel if you had to go home tonight and relate this horrid story, of a girl raped, mutilated and tortured before left for dead. How would you feel if you then read further that the young lady actually lived long enough to identify one of the sub-humans?

How would you feel if you were living in one of the great western nations who were instrumental in assisting the murdering swine now in power? How would you feel if it is on your collective conscience that you are a citizen of a country now turning a blind eye to the endless progression of barbarism?

What can we do? I’m pleading with you… please spread the word… please help educate the world to what is really happening in South Africa. Once the world stood up to apartheid… once the world placed sanctions and boycotts against a country that could have done better without isolation. Now what? The days are darker… the slaughter greater… the flight of those who can massive. Yet, the world bothers none!

HOME? That place where we want to live in peace, is it not? I’m afraid I will never be able to go back. Why, because I have chosen to turn my back on my country of birth because my country turned it’s back on me. Here in Europe I know my family have freedom, peace… here I know my wife can go off to the shop without me wondering if she’ll be safe. But even so, I have family back in SA that I fear for all the time!

My prayer is that this photo-less weekly photo challenges makes it to the Friday Freshly Pressed panel… simply to spread the word as quickly as possible. I hope and pray that if enough is said something may get DONE! It is high time a corrupt government made up of criminals and unjust rulers is brought to book. Only then can and will crime decrease in that place once called home… once called paradise… once called great!

Strange how a year ago, almost to the day, I shared with you a bit of what is happening in SA… and a bit of the cause of my guilt… click here to see those posts… but whatever you do, please let this post be sufficient inspiration to get you to DO something! Maybe it will make you appreciate the privilege of your home a little more…

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32 Responses to Revulsion and Shame!

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  4. I only found out about this a few weeks ago, reading an article about the Pistorius murder that referenced Anene Booysen, and I was shocked by the lack of coverage over this brutal, terrible crime. And I’m always online and in different news feeds, so how this slipped under my radar mystifies me. it’s horrifying. I’m trying to understand why the world didn’t pay attention to this one and in contrast, a gun-nut athlete shoots a model and the world weeps.


    • aj vosse says:

      It is an atrocious indictment on our western society and the lack of care for those deemed ‘lesser’

      One point I don’t fully agree with you, once you have lived in the crime ridden South Africa ‘gun nut’ is not really such an appropriate tag. There you live with a weapon close at hand, behind the walls and bars you have erected for your own protection.

      I’ve been living in Ireland for more than 12 years and I’m still jumpy!

      But please… do spread the news of what is really happening back there… I’m soon going to do another post. If you read a little further you’ll see what my comments were the day after the shooting at Pistorius’s house… tragic on so many levels!


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  6. dearrosie says:

    I read it. A broken glass bottle too! oh man… I feel ill. I’m weeping as I write this…


    • aj vosse says:

      I still feel ill at the thought of that hellish torture. How can I ever be a proud South African when I know this kind of thing is an almost daily occurance and the ’causes’ the people fought for are just hollow vessels used by the tiny group of power hungry murderers!


  7. dearrosie says:

    Really glad to meet you A.J. I like your passion for that beautiful country. Although you’re living far away you haven’t forgotten it. As a woman I don’t want to know what happened to the little girl, but I’m going to read the article you’ve linked to. Now. Sheesh.


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for taking the time to read about what life is really like in a place we once thought of as paradise! It had everything… now, I’m afraid it is a scary place to be!


  8. Before I met my husband I met a clever young man who asked me to marry him and move to SA. Not on your bloody life I said…and I meat it literally! That was 337 years ago and little has changed. Yep, he also had his grand villa, good job but armed gaurds…that is not life. And no matter of the beauty of SA you could not enjoy it.

    when we lived in the UK a south african farmer came to our house to mend the toilet. IN SA he had a thriving farm and used to employ loads of blacks which he fed and housed and said he treated them well. He was driven out within a mm of his life…why? God knows…Once he moved out the uneducated moved into his farm and it floundered. He also wept for his wonderful country along with all the SA we meet in Portugal.

    I suppose you could compare SA to George Orwell’s Animal farm

    I read about the atrocitys in SA and to be honest I’m not surprised. This poor girl I am sure is just the tip of the iceberg and probably there are 1000s more you never get to hear of IMHO, but then I am an outsider so maybe not?


    • aj vosse says:

      All true! Only if we spread the word… see if social media can generate enough impetus as it did in the case of the ‘Arab Spring’… maybe that way the world will get involved… putting pressure on a corrupt system!! I’ll keep posting if you keep spreading the bad news!


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  10. Sallyann says:

    Good luck on this one .. sincerely meant. 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      Thank you Sallyann… with all the help we can get we will be able to make a difference!

      Thank you for daring to mention… I think it is brave of women to mention something they fear so much!


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    • aj vosse says:

      Thank you Mam!

      Yes… if this post can inspire action and maybe do something to reduce the crime rate in SA then I’ll have achieved something positive!

      Let’s HOPE!!


  13. Diane C says:

    Thank you for posting this, AJ. I teach a Social Justice class of grade 11 and 12 students and we just watched an interview with Desmond Tutu and a clip from Invictus and discussed apartheid. I will share this post with my class and we will make a plan of what we can do to make a difference. I am going to encourage them to write to the SA government. Do you have any other suggestions for something they can do?


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks for caring enough to comment and to try and help!!

      I hope you don’t take this up the wrong way… apartheid was tame compared to the injustices going on in the country today!!

      I will do an update later in the week… I don’t think sending letters to the SA government will help anything… that’s the heart of the problem! What the world needs to do is to start asking that the SA leaders be treated as criminals as surely they must be held accountable for crimes against humanity!!

      If a western country with a population of ~ 50 million lost so many of it’s folk to crime and emigration it would be classed as ethnic cleansing and genocide!!

      Ask your students to look again at the horrors of apartheid and then multiply the horrors and death rate by ten… maybe then they’ll start getting an idea of how far the country has slid down the slope of destruction!!

      Please keep spreading the word… I’m working on an idea… maybe we should collectively post all across WordPress… and keep badgering our UN representatives… it’s no good going near SA embassy’s or the SA government… that will be just like pleading with the apartheid regime to stop their oppression!!

      Thanks again for your willingness to do something!!


      • Diane C says:

        Okay, our UN rep, the Prime Minister and our local MPs it will be then. This is good advice. Thanks again for making us aware.


        • aj vosse says:

          Thank you Diane… it is great when someone takes such positive action. I will do another post later in the week, Friday/ Saturday… I’m gathering info, statistics about the atrocious crime rates in SA…

          Thanks… you have put a smile on my face… let’s hope the death of this young lady is the start of the rebirth of my country! Difficult to grasp but I pray possible to happen!


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  15. Jo Bryant says:

    just the other day i was reading an article on SA and its rape statistics…it blew my mind that girls have more of a chance of being raped than finishing school…how is it that this flies under the world’s radar ?


    • aj vosse says:

      I’m afraid the SA crime statistics are horrific!! The official version is always watered down so as not to scare visitors away!!

      We’ll have to keep asking questions and hope that eventually the western word will start taking notice!! Keep asking, keep posting… keep at it… that’s maybe all we can do as a start…

      Thanks for caring enough to comment! I’ll try an place an update later in the week! I have an idea brewing…


  16. It seems we would get a lot further in this world if there was more value put on equality. When we allow a group to be seen as other and less worthy then it gives us permission to ignore their plight and blame them for their own fate. I did see this story in the local newspaper here in the US so the word is getting out there.


    • aj vosse says:

      African feudalism has a long way to go before equality will ever become apparent!! I’m afraid we’ll have to do the pushing, the prodding… to get the western leaders to apply pressure on the corruption that is African politics… too much to ask??


      • Can’t answer if its too much to ask. We have our own problems with growing inequality here. I worry the deepening poverty and increasing difficulty for our young people to get a decent education will ultimately tear apart the basic fabric of our democracy. I don’t see our government fixing this without people standing up and demanding it.


        • aj vosse says:

          You are so right! The world used to look up to the great USA for answers… now things are not what they used to be!!

          Pity… in the bad old days if the US government spoke the smaller nations listened! I do believe though, if we can get some sort of awareness campaign going we stand a chance of attracting attention to the plight of the innocent bystanders in SA.

          Thanks for showing interest! It is appreciated!


          • I feel for the innocents caught up in violence no matter where they are. I’m not particularly religious but I do think that the old adage of caring for your neighbor as you would for yourself is a pretty good one.


            • aj vosse says:

              Very true! If only a few other old adages could also occasionally thought of…

              There are many in your great land who need help… but mostly though, individual safety is still highly regarded in your country… unlike my land of birth where wholesale slaughter is accepted as the norm!

              Thanks… your input is valuable! Please keep spreading the word around… it will all help in the end!


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