Worry a Little… Hemingway Style

“Worry a little bit every day and in a lifetime you will lose a couple of years. If something is wrong, fix it if you can. But train yourself not to worry: Worry never fixes anything. ”

I have learned, over the years, to worry less. I used to hide it all inside… financial pressure always seem to dwell close to my place of living. When our business in SA was coming to a rather sticky end I landed on the doctor’s waiting room bed… heart about to implode. That taught me a lesson… never let that happen again.

My GLW always used to say I don’t seem to care… in the meanwhile I was seething inside. For what? To live through another recession… to be without work for more that 2 years… stress! It drove me mad yet there was really nothing I could do… apart from sending off the odd hundred CV… and pray! That I still do… more to say thank-you that to ask for the good life… but yes, to worry is natural.

So… how do we stop the unnecessary burden of worry? I don’t know… I think with experience it becomes evident that as Hemingway said… worry never fixes anything!

I can give you further examples… like the stress we as a family went through leading up to Senior Son’s Leaving Cert examination. Then, the next stress… waiting for the results. And then the next stress… the lad not getting enough points to get into the college of his choice to do the course of his dreams.

Months worth of worrying… months! For what? NOTHING! In the end we got him into an alternate, private college… slightly more pricey, yet potentially an even better outcome.

Guess what? Now we have Junior Son doing his leaving cert… guess what again? I’m not even batting an eyelid. What will happen will happen… whatever I try to do, however much I worry… he’ll walk the path destined for him… and guess what? We’ll be there to support… without breaking a sweat! That’s if we don’t break the bank in the process, but that’s a matter for another day!

So… slowly but surely I’m learning to apply the ‘Hemingway Worry Principle’… and guess what? It’s a lot more fun that the worry way! Que Será Será

Alvor beach... Algarve Portugal... utter bliss, now there's a way of de-stressing!!Sometimes it’s good to just sit… sometimes it good to just sit and stare into the distance…

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5 Responses to Worry a Little… Hemingway Style

  1. Diane C says:

    Wise words AJ. It wasn’t until I learned that:
    a. I didn’t need to give a flying fart what anyone thinks of me, and
    b. When people do stuff I don’t like it has very little to do with me and everything to do with them,
    that I was able to give up the worry.


  2. ailsapm says:

    Smart chap, that Hemingway 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      Rather… I do enjoy his sayings and quotes… I’ve done a few Hemingway inspired posts in the past… this one has been in the making for more than 3 months… time to do a few more Hemingway’s… don’t you think? 😉


  3. I wish I had the answer to not worrying. I do a lot of that and I often wish I could get my wife to stop worrying and stressing as well. But sitting somewhere quiet and enjoying the view does help, even if just for that moment.


    • aj vosse says:

      I sometime think the best way is just not to care anything… very difficult, I know. It seems to me in that way the worry is avoided! Look at it this way… if you can’t fix it someone is bound to be able to… we just have to find the money to pay! 😉


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