Life and Writing – Hemingway Style…

“In order to write about life first you must live it.”

Another month gone… where to? Another month of experience gained… and as the great man said… the more you live the better your chances of writing something of value. Or, am I wrong in placing that interpretation on the quote?

One thing is certain… if you don’t keep your eyes and ears open when you’re doing the thing we call life you’ll never be part of the living bit. I’m often amused at how many folk wonder what happened and why it happened. Instead of doing a small bit of investigating before to find out something is planned for weekend so-and-so or evening this-or-that. Then, instead of asking what happened and why… they can say, we were there when the fellow fell into the water. Yes, we saw him jump… it was all part of the show. One or two may even add… we pushed…

I learned about translating life’s experiences onto paper during my first attempt at fiction writing. Some have even suggested that the first (unpublished) novel is a tad too autobiographical. Maybe, maybe not. Who can discern fact from fiction if they don’t know what my levels of involvement were? However, what I am able to share with you is that if I hadn’t lived or been part of certain experiences in my life then I would never have dreamed up the scenes in the book. No amount of reading could have inspired the feelings I tried to convey.

The same with young Zach… only born at the beginning of the year yet, he’s managed quite a few experiences of his own. I think that’s what Hemingway is trying to say… live and the stories will come that much easier. If you move through the space as if in isolation then the knowledge to write about something is not going to throw itself at you. Surely not!

OK… I’ve waffled enough… just live. It’s there for the taking. Then, if the flow so takes, or mistakes you… tell us about it. Write… or, should that be right?

Kalahari LandscapeIf you’re still wondering… I’ll leave you with a few more Hemingway quotes… just to add to the confusion.

“When you start to live outside yourself, it’s all dangerous.”

“It’s none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way.”

PS – Thanks again to the i-net for this photo… the Kalahari is where Zach is… mentally, that is!

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1 Response to Life and Writing – Hemingway Style…

  1. johncoyote says:

    Hemingway test the limits. I met many men in my military career who tested their limit and like Hemingway. Needed booze and a gun to end their life. Each person had a limit. I hope Hemingway found peace in death. Many of my favorite writers took the bad way out. Another great writer is Kosinski. His book “Painted Bird and Being there” allowed readers to taste the life they knew. Thank you for your thoughts on a great writer.


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