A friend to me did say the other soggy wet day
‘Tis time to rethink the current sad state of play
Graft for sure… there’s a dragon or two to slay
‘Set new objectives,’ words echo, to my dismay

Objectives? What‘s the gain? I hear you ask…
To my thinking it’s oft a rather ridiculous task
At this point the main characters to re-mask
While all I yearn is in life’s warm glow to bask

To be published you’ll have to edit that book
To include at chapters’ end the obligatory hook
Shuffling pages… the content’s askew or crook
The journey’s all wrong, the one you undertook

J Archer? H Robbins… Uris, Mitch or Smith?
The competition for glory is all rather too stiff
Goals… search for the essence, get to the pith
Dreams of warm beaches are merely a whiff

Work away, edit and read, changing the style
For fame you have to wait another wee while
Cut here, cast whole chapters on the trash pile
Stick to the vision, all the days, with a wry smile

So, by mention of new objectives Jane did inspire
An inward search for rhyme or reason… for desire
Not to take the rejection or failure down to the wire
Rather rekindle enthusiasm, stoke the writer’s fire!

Liffey reflections, the multi coloured  display of the Convention Center as seen through the stays of the Samuel Beckett Bridge,  Dublin, IrelandYes… we must have objectives… sometimes it’s just not too easy to define the various goals that go into reaching the objectives! For instance… on any given Friday evening I usually plan to have a drink after work… but this evening things could well be different… we could be staring the packing, for a holiday… the we could also not be. As they say in the classics, what will be will be…

PS – Sorry, the by now familiar Convention Center and Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin Ireland… have fun, enjoy your weekend!

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