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Cheri’s challenge this week had the necessary effect. It got me dithering again… how should I respond? Then, even before I read her complete post I caught sight of Livvy’s take on the matter. Macros… yep, that will be my take as well.

I went off searching for a particular photo in the June 2011 folder. Those were the days of the little black point and shoot job. A fine little camera it was… good for all sorts, including close-ups. The particular photo I was looking for brought this challenge fully to reality. Yep, on the day when I managed to get this snap taken I was really lost in the detail.

I was laying on my side… on the towpath next to the Royal Canal, totally engrossed in getting the shot from beneath the target. Now, if you read Cheri’s post you’ll see a tip… get down low! Well, I was as low as I could be. What I didn’t notice though was the couple approaching. The towpath was grass-covered along this stretch, the lush summer’s grow did a great job of silencing their footfalls.

It was only when I felt a gentle tapping to one of my feet that I realised I was no longer alone. How long had they been looking down at me. They obviously were in the wrong position in relation to the camera so they had no clue what I was up to. Were they a tad spooked at the thought of stumbling upon a stiff sprawled out along the canal side? Their concerned question “Is everything OK?” was very genuine.

I sat bolt upright… they saw the little black job and instantly copped-on. I’m not sure who was the most embarrassed… who cares though? I got the shot I was after. You know me by now… I can’t resist a gallery, so… as I’ve taken so many close-ups I’ll throw in a few more… even a few not so close-ups as well. All from the June 2011 folder. Oh, if you’re wondering… look out for the underside of the mushroom…

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5 Responses to Lost in the Details – WPhotoC

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  2. A lovely eclectic selection of shots! Suspect that the bare foot and the blue sky might sum up the longing of an ex SA in a northern hemisphere summer?!


    • aj vosse says:

      I suspect you’re more than right! I recall that was one of those rare real summer’s days in Ireland… one can almost count them by hand and remember them by name… that’s how special they are!! 😉

      As I’ve heard so often while living here… “This would be a great little dump if the sun shone a bit more often!!” Ah well… life! 😛

      On 3 March 2013 20:45, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


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