South Africa’s New National Sport?

I ask myself if I’m allowed to even dare suggest that crime and violence is sport. But on the other hand, if I don’t ask the question, will I not also be culpable or complicit in the carnage? Yes, that I surely will. For to shut up is to be as guilty of committing the crimes as what the perpetrators are. Well, silence is surely going to allow the slaughter to continue unabated, is it not?

We who live our distant lives away from the daily grind of life in the estates and squatter camps of South Africa have a responsibility to highlight the serious impact that the lack of government intervention is having on the continued misery of the poorest of the poor.

The transformation from the old regime to the new liberation went rather well. The new government and its leaders knew how to sway the masses… with rhetoric and promises. Nothing new, you may say. Agreed… the only fundamental difference being that before the new freedom the poor were poor and relatively safe.

Safe too, in the knowledge that if they went off to a hospital they would get help… safe too, in the knowledge that if they wanted to attend school there would be an almost free education for the taking. Safe too, in the knowledge that there were still quite a few jobs going as an active multi-tiered economy provided rather well for all walks of life.

Now I’m afraid that whole infrastructure is coming asunder. I don’t think there are better conditions anywhere in the country than when the government took over 18 odd years ago. (Sorry, I forget the building of stadiums for the world cup… ) The initial transition period could be used as an excuse to learn how to get things done. Surely a few of the fundamentals were already in place? Policing, banking, power, health services, education… transport system… these systems had all been working rather well. Yes, some of the systems were comparable with any first world country’s standards.

Now, by all accounts, most of the above services are mere shadows of their former selves… dying of the cancer of corruption… strangled by the stunted hand of biased nepotism or simply stripped of all signs of growth by the impetus gathered by the joy ride that is the gravy train. The country is now being robbed of it’s wealth by the very nations who wanted the current government in place… yes, that’s why they opposed apartheid… to break the once mighty Rand, to cheapen the value of the resources so much that the prices they now pay are tantamount to theft!

Don’t try and tell me it was because they cared for the poor… if that was the case they’d be putting even more pressure on the current government to stop the killing, to stop the crime, to start caring for the folk to whom they make all the promises. Sanction the corruption… sanction the despotism, help apply the brakes to the headlong rush of the gravy train… the monster that’s dragging a once bountiful paradise (yes, with a set of problems) into the abyss.

But, after saying all of this, what has the new national sport got to do with my whole essay. (A rant I don’t want to call it because I believe it is all the truth.) I have in the past two weeks tried to raise awareness about the horrendous crime rates in South Africa. And then, just as I thought we may well get some impetus going after the sadistically horrific rape and murder of a young girl in a quite little town in the Western Cape, the Oscar Pistorious case hijacks the world’s media.

I should have guessed my words would come back to haunt me… please click here to see what I said on that day about the media and the quickly forgotten tragedy of the death of a poor young lady. However, my plea has not changed. If we cannot help spread the word about the atrocities then we may just as well be culpable in the slaughter. Our collective conscience should tell us to do something, should it not?

The love of sport, like so many other things in life, is usually instilled in children from a young age. From grass-roots levels… from the early foundation of school life. Then, when crime is seen to be committed so frequently will society not change it’s abhorrence toward the dangers? I think South Africa is well on the way to total lawlessness. Total, uncontrolled wanton waste!

Please click on the following link to see how graphically evident crime’s grip on society has become. When youths, between the ages of 6 and 11, are suspected of the killing a fellow 6-year-old is it not a sign that things are no longer following any conventional lifestyle plans?

What I also found rather worrying, while searching for the article I mentioned above, was the amount of violent crime headlines evident on the results page. (I typed the following string in the search bar: – murder of 6-year-old…) I can truly say this seems to me the symptoms of a very sick system.

So… am I way off track when I ask if crime has become the new national sport in SA? It is rather sad when you think back to what was. The new freedom propagated by the current regime is one not to be too proud of, is it? And yet the world turns a blind eye! I’ve said enough, at least for this post. However, I will again ask that you raise awareness… even if by just passing on the links to the newspaper articles! Please help??

Photo thanks to: - found a photo on Amos’s post aptly titled – Rape, the Beloved Country. The photo he used led me to search for something I could also use. Please click here to read the article.

Amos has kindly permitted me to use an extract from his post… however, please read the full post. He sure puts things into perspective…

Suddenly, they all had the same vision. It’s a picture of a young girl whose life may have been such a blessing to those around her. She’s been beaten and raped and stabbed and cut open. Her bowels spill from the slit abdomen. Her blood is seeping away into the ground.

Her name is not Anene. Her name is not Joyti.

Her name is South Africa.

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4 Responses to South Africa’s New National Sport?

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  3. South Africa is sitting with a very sad situation and it will take hard work from everybody to fix it, but it stays a beautiful and wonderful country with a lot of potential and I will never give up on it. At least we don’t have kids walking into schools with semi automatic guns mowing down their classmates.


  4. You raise an interesting question – several of them, in fact. I am glad you’re writing about this. We need a greater awareness by more people. Thank you…


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