No, We’re Not Knocking South Africa!

I’ve had a few offline comments in the last while about my constant knocking of South AfricaI’ve also seen these comments on a few FB pages of other, like-minded, Saffers who are as worried about the state of the once great country. It seems to me as if we have been touching a few raw nerves somewhere. It seems to me as if there are folk who will deny that the current situation is a rather sad reflection on the state of the country. 

It seems to me there are reasons why folk cannot, or will not, admit that crime is a horrendous indictment of the mess the government is making of the country. It seems to me that these folk may well be the ones who shouted the loudest against apartheid and ever since the birth of the rainbow nation they’ve been so enraptured by their victory that they’ve forgotten to see how the ruling classes are helping the slide into oblivion.

It seems to me that the folk who are most likely to shut-up or turn a blind eye may well be riding the gravy train as well. It seems to me that folk who constantly try and tell the world how great South Africa is and how little crime there really is are hiding something… or, they’ve just never pulled their rose-tinted glasses off since 1994. Could it be worse? Could they still have their heads in the sand… or, up their own posterior or the collective behind of the great governing powers?

Surely it’s plain to see how the corruption and greed has affected every level of South African society. Surely it’s just as easy to see how crime and violence is dragging a once pleasant environment, with problems, but none-the-less pleasant, downward into total lawlessness?

I have to again reiterate, I’m not knocking South Africa! I’m asking questions about what’s been allowed to happen. Allowed to happen by the new freedom rulers… while they’ve been watched by their supporters… supporters of the struggle. These supporters weren’t knocking South Africa either… they were knocking the previous regime. So, why can’t they now knock those liberators who they so staunchly supported? Why can’t they ‘request’ a few explanations?

You may recall that large amounts of western money went into assisting the people of the struggle. The struggle against the evil of apartheid. Those amounts of western taxpayer’s money has now gone into another bottomless African monster’s pit! Imagine those brave folk standing in the northern winter’s snow, collecting money and raising awareness. Imagine how all their efforts are now of little or no use. The poor are poorer, the shanty towns are larger, the numbers of the ill have multiplied exponentially… and I’m not even taking the AIDS plague into consideration.

Imagine all those hardworking folk around the world donating of their hard-earned currency… for what? To see South Africa, the country they wanted free, being further and further enslaved by corruption and crime? Imagine? Those folk were not knocking South Africa. Those folk were only right-minded people wanting to help rid the world of evil. Where are all those well-meaners now? When they’re really needed?

No friends, we’re not knocking South Africa… all we’re doing is trying to help prevent the total moral collapse of a beautiful country! Tell me honestly, you who say I’m knocking the country of my birth, tell me how things have improved in the last 20 years. Please explain where all the taxes are going? The mines are making a killing… industry is still doing it’s bit, but, as in the day’s of apartheid… their input into the government’s coffers is tainted with blood! The blood of the poor, the blood of the defenseless… the blood of the children.

No my friend, I am not knocking the paradise I long to return to! And, just before you start pointing fingers at me for running away… I did nothing of the sort! We were offered an opportunity to come to Europe… the place of our forefathers, to enrich our lives. We came on an adventure, for a few years… to learn, always intending to return, better skilled… of more value to our country. The only thing? Once here we realised just what freedom means… it’s an intangible… difficult to exchange for sunshine!

I’ll put it simply… I will jump onto the first plane back to Sunny South Africa if I can be guaranteed a future for my family, in safety comparable to what we live in here. I will grab the plane tickets out of your hand so fast you wouldn’t even know what happened… if, I can be assured that I can walk down about 90% of the country’s roads at night on my own, unarmed and carrying expensive camera equipment, a laptop and a mobile phone. Oh, and my wallet…

No friend, when I can have those assurances we’ll rush back! Oh, I need to know that my kids will get an education and work. No, not free of charge, I’ll pay, as I do here… I’ll also pay for my medical… as I do here… I pay my way… with a smile, if you with your head in the sand can give me those assurances…

I don’t knock South Africa… I merely try and raise awareness of the evil that’s claiming lives every day! I look at it this way… if I too, turn a blind eye then another person may get killed unnecessarily. BUT, if we should get some form of awareness going by spreading the word then maybe lives will be saved! Now, is that knocking South Africa?

It’s not enough to pray for peace… you have to fight for it, with the pen!!

If only! Maybe one day we'll get used to seeing the South African Flag in such tranquil settings! Grand Canal, July 2012... Rain versus sunshine… I know which will win every time, until you throw freedom into the equation!

On the other hand…

Freedom doesn’t hide from the rain nor does sunshine promote peace!

PS – The photo: Maybe one day we’ll get used to seeing the South African Flag in such tranquil settings! Grand Canal, July 2012…

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4 Responses to No, We’re Not Knocking South Africa!

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  3. Fergie lover says:

    From a neutral and Irish point of view, I see an opinion. A balanced reasoned and concerned opinion! Blind loyalty achieves nothing!


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