The Birds of my Neighbourhood… WPhotoC

The bird life at our new place is rather prolific. Granddad and the GLW have placed feeders at a few strategic spots in the garden. This has allowed us to get rather close to the action. The only thing slightly hampering photography is the fact that as soon as we step out of the door things go quiet… so, we’re restricted to sneaking snaps through the windows. I spent a few minutes on Saturday, camera atop tripod, getting some pictures. 5 Species within minutes… so, here’s a few in succession…

Mr Robin atop the bush... against a grey Irish sky... Mr Robin atop the bush… and yes, the sky was really that colour. The use of a tripod indoors can be quite comical as one tries to point the camera here… then there… but it’s all part of the fun.

Mrs Blackbird gives me the hairy eyeball... This Mrs Blackbird seemed to be watching me very closely… as if it she senses she is safe on the other side of the glass. Usually I can’t get half as close to these birds as they’re described as furtive… always ready to dive into the closest bush.

Fleeting view of the flitting Mr Sparrow... Master Sparrow also flitted by… giving me just enough of a sighting to get a few shots off. I was messing with the shutter setting so the photo is quite dark…

Is that a great tit I see? Looks like it... quite aggressive in his stance... If you’re in the least into tits then this is the place for you. There are so many about that I can most probably fill a few galleries with all the different ones that visit. Great tits, the ones with the black caps are rather bossy birds…

Blue tit on the flap... The duller capped blue tits seem slightly smaller… slightly more skittish when it comes to the gathering at the feeder. They will move away at the first sign of the others arriving…

The white at the rear of the head confirms it's a coal tit... Then on Sunday I spotted another one… looking likely to be a distant relation of the blue and great tits. I soon found on the RSPB website that it could well be a lad called a coal tit… identified by the white at the rear of his head. So… there you have a few of my neighbourhood friends. No, I’ve not used a phone… I would never have been able to get close enough.

Actually, I was planning to walk around Kilcock with a phone to take part in this week’s photographic challenge but the weather was so poor I couldn’t be bothered! That’s why you’re seeing my interpretation of the friends in our immediate area. Well, secretly, I can’t stand the idea of a mobile phone being a camera. I have to think twice before using my phone to get a picture. I’ve done so in the past, on the odd occasion. OK… I’ll stop waffling now… do enjoy your week, remember… whatever the weather, have fun!

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9 Responses to The Birds of my Neighbourhood… WPhotoC

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  2. Sallyann says:

    Great pictures, you must have very clean windows. 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      No… just a very clean spot on one of the windows!! She’ll kill me when she sees this!! 😛

      On 14 March 2013 08:45, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


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  4. jbwye says:

    Do you find that the wretched birds hide behind a leaf or a branch every time you raise your binos, or point your camera?
    Not like in Africa, where they sit there in full view, and say “Look at me!”
    I’ve given up taking my binos on walks on the south downs, now.


  5. frizztext says:

    I got tits outside my window too…


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  7. With Spring coming up I imagine you”ll have a lot more birds around your place very soon


  8. Diane C says:

    What great shots! I never seem to manage to be quick enough to get photos of songbirds.


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