Green! St Patrick’s Day GREEN! Ailsa’s WTT

I should have guessed. I should have worked it out months ago. Yes, I did. No I didn’t! Ailsa, the great Irish traveling lass, has decided to really get our festive juices flowing. How on earth could green and Ireland not go together? Especially during the St Patrick’s weekend festivities? I spotted the challenge coming in after lunch yesterday. That got me going… rapidly.

I knew there was a young lady at work dressed for the occasion… a quick mail or two later and a reluctantly willing model posed for a few snaps. Now, don’t get me wrong… oh, OK… get me right, I’m not usually a model snapper but the occasion required a bit of originality, won’t you say? Thank you R McG… you add that special green Paddy’s Day flavour to today’s post!!

There you have it. Ailsa want’s green… green this weekend. Ailsa will get GREEN… as much as I can realistically wish to get away with, considering I’ve done a few greens before! Considering that… I went out yesterday and captured all these pics just for this post. Why not? It’s green fun…

I had to sneak in one very special pic for Ailsa… why not? It’s only St Patrick’s Day once a year! To all of you out there, wherever you may be, do enjoy the weekend!

PS – The gallery is set to load randomly, so… for a bit of additional fun… hit refresh and the images may create their own moments…

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8 Responses to Green! St Patrick’s Day GREEN! Ailsa’s WTT

  1. my favourite! A wonderful eclectic collage.


  2. livvy30 says:

    Nice shots! It’s a bit easy for us this week 😉 Enjoy the celebrations.


    • aj vosse says:

      🙂 Green should always be easy for us over here! Just not green Guinness! Yep, I hope to have fun tomorrow… doing a bit of bbq-ing in the village… feed the folk! (more to follow… later!) You have fun as well! 😛


  3. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day aj!!!


  4. ailsapm says:

    Bwaahahahaha! AJ you’re a hoot!


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