Lunchtime – WPhotoC – St Patrick’s Style!

All roads lead to Ireland during this weekend. If it can’t be Ireland for real then at least Ireland in spirit. The diaspora has gone forth and taken the culture far and wide. They even have green fun in the White House. I wonder if the Kremlin is up for a bit of green?

Whatever. All I know it that we had a fair bit of lunchtime fun during the St Patrick’s Day parade in the village. It was our first time actually involved with the happenings, other than to be taking pictures and generally being lookers-on-ers. We added a bit of Saffer flavour to the proceedings. Braaiing boerewors to help feed the hungry.

Our day started laced with a large dollop of apprehension. It was snowing when we opened the curtains in the morning. Oh well, I’d braai’ed in the snow before so what’s new? By the time we were down in the village things had changed somewhat. We’d been blessed with a few dry hours. Enough time to get sorted, to get the BBQ lit and working, to get the first batch of bread rolls cut and buttered. The start was slow. I was already wondering how much we were going to take home with us. Oh well, we most certainly wouldn’t mind… boerewors rolls always went down well at our place.

But I’ve wandered off the point, again. I’d been planning to get many photos, especially of all the food being served at the diffident stalls. Then, as I was about to sneak off on a photo run the rush arrived, thankfully! The demand increased significantly… so did the downpour. Man, wet was not going well with photograph. I needed the photos to throw together a gallery for this week’s photo challenge. Lunchtime.

You know, I’m not too phased that I couldn’t get too many photos. It is a pity that both the good lady and I were tied up with the stall but look on the brighter side… we were part of the village festivities and activities… on our 13th St Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Now no one can doubt that we’re not locals! So why not celebrate with a bit of Paddy’s Day cake?

Happy St Patrick's Day... cake loveingly made by the folk at Black Forest Bakery in Kilcock, Ireland.I was fortunate to spot the cake in the Black Forest Bakery while collecting the fresh bread rolls… click here to have a look-see at the great stuff they produce there.

PS – Drat! I’ve just remembered… I didn’t even get a taste! Oh well, as they say in the classics… if you snooze you lose!

PSS – If you’re wondering, not even one bit of wors went home with us! Yep… we pulled off a complete sell out, thanks to the hungry folk of Kilcock.

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