Unbalance? No – Special Days!

In keeping with the theme started yesterday… and my seeming lack of something of worth to post… today you’re also only getting one photo. I’m not being obnoxiously stubborn with this approach… I’m merely being survivalist!

As usual, I actually have much to say but for the lack of a starting point I’ll just tell you of one of the happenings on this day. My daughter is getting married today. Where is the wedding? In Hogsback in the good old Eastern Cape, South Africa. Beautiful. A special place… a special event shared by special folk on this unforgettable day.

One regret? We’re here in Ireland… on this day we’re many thousands of miles away… circumstance just got in the way. Simple. Regretfully simple.

There is nothing we can do about it now but to wish M&S the best of fortune for their future. May your love run with you for the forever that you have together. Peace, joy… love, hope and freedom. May your future be all you wish for yourselves!

God Bless you and keep you… forever! Remember… we’ll keep loving you… wherever you may be!

I'm leaving on a jet plane... oh, how I wish!!I mentioned at the top of the post that I have quite a few things going on but when I played with the auto correct to adjust this photo a tad it jumped back at me… post me, post me… it shouted. Rather apt, as we surely would have loved to be on one of these beauties heading in the very direction it was going!

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8 Responses to Unbalance? No – Special Days!

  1. S Meaders says:

    Best wishes and congratulations! Great photo.


  2. scsurfbutler says:

    Your post brought a tear to my eye! Amazing photo. Best wishes to your daughters special day!


    • aj vosse says:

      Thank you! Yes… the enormity of the day has got to me a little as well! We’ve just sent off our special message to be read at the reception… I’ll use the message as tomorrow’s post…

      On 30 March 2013 13:55, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


  3. Sallyann says:

    Many, many, many happy returns to the happy couple. 😀


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks Sallyann… lets hope they have time to visit the blog today to see the messages of good will!! 😉

      On 30 March 2013 09:19, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


  4. livvy30 says:

    Don’t forget Skype! You can be at the wedding!!


    • aj vosse says:

      Hi Livvy… yes, that was the plan!

      The reception up in the mountains ob that side is atrocious! We wanted to do a VC link but were advised against paying on this side for a hotel meeting room for the day… we’de just be wasting our money and come away more frustrated. We’re keeping is touch as best we can…

      On 30 March 2013 08:07, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


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