Second-Hand News…

Do you occasionally get the feeling just when you discover something for yourself that you’re a bit of a twit? Especially when the ‘something’ you discover has been sitting within your grasp for as long as you’ve been walking the Dublin paths shown on OMBH from time to time.

I have on quite a few occasions threatened to take a walk through the grounds of Trinity Collage. The main entrance to the place is usually teeming with students and tourists… situations I usually avoid like the plague. But… a few evenings ago I had about an hour to while away before getting onto the train for home.

I braved the crowds, figuring that as it was around 17h45 the place would be a little easier on the thronging because most of Dublin’s population seemed to be out on the sidewalks… all seemingly trying to walk over me. Did I mention I wasn’t fond of crowds? I always seem to be going against the flow… the unyielding mass usually threatens to devour me… a painful experience, to say the least.

I was rather relieved to find the pathways in the grounds slightly less manic than the streets outside. But then, I could be forgiven for being stupid enough to expect the folk to be off the streets during peak time rush hour, could I? OK… enough giving out from me. I was both happy and slightly less so. There were many objects for the lens to point at… only problem, large marques were erected on a few of the open spaces… and the foot paths were all fenced off to channel the crowds at whatever function was in the making.

But again I’d drifting from the point… what’s new, I hear you ask. OK… there I was, almost at peace within the confines of the walls… interesting buildings to be seen on all sides. Interesting sculptures and statues. Much camera fodder. Many sights to add to the blog’s galleries. At this rate I’ll eventually get all of Dublin covered… yea, in about 2079. So, even though I know these objects d’art have been seen by countless hundreds of thousands I also know there are a those die-hard followers of OMBH who may enjoy seeing a few of the sights.

That’s when I realise just how second-hand my offerings could be. While I was doing a bit of i-netting to give you some much needed background information I stumbled upon a very popular Dublin blog going by the name of ‘Come Here To Me‘. If you’re wondering what the phrase really means… I’ve pinched the definition off their ‘About‘ page… it’s a typical Dublin expression… as only the Irish can!

‘Come here to me’ is Dublin slang used to mean “Listen to this” or “ I’ve something to tell you”. These phrases tend to imply a secretiveness or revelatory importance to the upcoming piece of information.’

There you can read all sorts of interesting tales about Dublin and the often quint snippets of history associated with the inner city. Here you can see my take on things… may the information be second-hand news or not. So… to get the ball rolling, so to speak, I’ll place a gallery of a few of the sights from my walk around the grounds. I will on a few more occasions in the future do the odd feature post about what’s to be seen within the confines of the campus. the mere mention of Trinity should stir thoughts of the Book of Kells… the very unique and beautiful monastic tome created many centuries ago. I’ll have to sneak into the library at some point… why not? For now though… here’s a sneak peek into what may soon be following… 

I don’t know who all these gets may be or what they’s done to be forever stood atop a plinth… soon I’ll fill you in… I hope.

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2 Responses to Second-Hand News…

  1. S Meaders says:

    This is exciting. I love Trinity College.


    • aj vosse says:

      Glad you enjoyed the post… I’ll do a few more walks through the grounds as the spring gets warmer… I’m sure there is a lot more I can show you!

      On 6 April 2013 02:01, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


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