The Canal Ships Arrive!

Aha.. are those the canal ships I see?
Could I ride one, maybe for a fee?
Or will someone invite me on for free?

Count them… one two, three four… five six…
There’s even a plastic boat thrown into the mix
Looks to me that skipper’s in a bit of a fix

Into the lock’s chamber goes that red barge
It’s a tight squeeze, broad beam, rather large
I wonder who’s the man who’d be in charge

“Hey fella, yes, you standing on the bank”
“Please grab for me the end of the plank”
“I’d like to alight, all the kind folk to thank”

So says the tall fellow, Mr HBA President
As he approaches the first local resident
“Our ships have come to set a precedent”

The boats and barges gather for the event
Along the Royal Canal they’ve been sent
In all the harbours good will’s been spent

Skippers, crew, mingle with villagers galore
All sharing craic on boat, barge and shore
The canal ships bring fun as never before

What a great day in Kilcock was had by all
Even the weather knew how to play ball
So did the lads who into the water did fall

We thank all you folk friendly and wise
Spending your time under fair blue skies
Urging the canal’s facilities we must utilise

Then… alas the visit was over all too soon
No trace of their presence by next afternoon
We wish for your return with us to commune!

13 April 2013, The HBA visit Kilcock Harbour... Royal Canal, Ireland (4E back left... Mr HBA President's ship... )A photo of the ‘ships’ moored in Kilcock Harbour on a chilly, damp April 13th… there were still a few barges to arrive… I’ll have more later…

14 April 2013, Kilckock Harbour, Royal Canal, IrelandEarlier this morning… impressive sight! Pity a few boats had already set sail by the time I took this photo…

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4 Responses to The Canal Ships Arrive!

  1. Red Hen says:

    I just love the colour in these photos.


  2. Sallyann says:

    They make a wonderful bridge. 🙂


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