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All sorts of up… up there in the sky, going up… upward movement in the rat race. Sarah’s challenge this week is UP. Up where? Up here. Only thing… up here may well be down there for others. Or… down there may be up here for some.

Confused? Confusing? Maybe… until you have a look at Sarah’s photo. She was laying on her back looking up… the effect is quite embracing… look, you’ll see. But, if you look closely you’ll just make out the plane going by. For us they are up there… for them we are down here.

So… is up always up? Maybe… maybe not! How do I work that one out, you may ask. Easy. Have a look at the bee in the daffodil. I was looking down at the bee up the flower. The bee was looking up at me from down in the flower. Well, I think he was. Confused? Yes… so am I…

OK… I’ll quit all the mystery and myth. I’ll just show you a few more up photos. Looking up will always be rewarding. There’s a hole in the sky to see… with a stripe pulled through the opening, jet vapour trail style… then there’s the light aircraft trying to find a hole through the clouds… that’s what it looks like. All good clean fun to be had by just looking up. For good measure I’ll throw in a few bird photos as well… yep, I had to look up at them. Oh, don’t forget a bit of colourful contrast either… contrast? That takes me back to yesterday’s post…

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7 Responses to UP – WPhotoC

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  5. livvy30 says:

    I love the daffodils! So cheerful! Lovely sunset too 🙂


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