The Poolbeg Lighthouse Photographer…

I’ll get the post going by clearing something off my chest. Seeking absolution for my envy. Envy? Yes. The lad I’m featuring today is what can only be termed as a consummate enthusiast. The top of the pile, just below professional. No, maybe better than the odd professorial.

My envy is a rather unwelcome natural trait. I won’t say I’m jealous… that won’t be quite like me. My said scurrilous behavior stems not from the personal skills of DD, well… basically because I think the skills can be learned over time. My envy stems from what he possesses. Have I mentioned unhealthy?

OK… I’ll stop the waffle. David is the fortunate owner of a Nikon 800. This camera is basically the best there is out there at this point in time. Have I mentioned envy? OK… I’ll stop. David has worked many long hours overtime to build up his equipment portfolio. It was during a lunch break of one of these weekend days that we were both at work and the weather was good enough to venture out to the South Wall for a stroll to the Poolbeg Lighthouse I featured a few week’s ago.

As I’ve mentioned in the first post about photographers… I love watching them operate. I’m looking at how they set up or I’m trying to figure how they’re interpreting what they’re seeing. It was no different while walking with David. The difference being the friendly interaction and banter as we went along. Usually I don’t know the photographers I target along the way but in this case it made for a very pleasant stroll.

OK… I’ll get on with the photos… not before thanking David for all his advice and information. One day when I’m big I may also own a Nikon 800… just let’s hope that day rolls around rather soon!

Happy Monday to you all… no, I don’t get paid for advertising the camera. I wish they would pay in kind though…

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6 Responses to The Poolbeg Lighthouse Photographer…

  1. daviddickens says:

    Thanks very much. If I win the lotto you can have it.


    • aj vosse says:

      That’s very kind! Even if you win 2 on the Lotto can I have it? Very kind of you!! 😉

      On 22 April 2013 23:46, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


  2. nelsonRN says:

    Oh I don’t blame you for being jealous! Who wouldn’t be? I’ll have a heart attack if somebody gives me a Nikon 800 for a gift!


    • nelsonRN says:

      By the way, looking at your previous posts, you have beautiful shots even without a Nikon 800 🙂


      • aj vosse says:

        Thank you… yep, I have the youngest in the family… the D3000. It teaches me well! 😉

        On 22 April 2013 07:57, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


    • aj vosse says:

      You have a point! I’ll tell you what though… heart attacks are usually quite terminal… so, please remember me to pass on the camera! 😛

      On 22 April 2013 07:56, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


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