Time Travel, Kilcock Style.

Yes, your eyes deceive you not! Time travel? Of a sort yes. Why? How? Easy… I say. Get yourself dressed, comfy walking shoes, a few snacks, a bottle of water and a camera. Then… with a bit of luck, the sun is shining and the clouds are formatting… forming? Building… gathering, without robbing too much of the sunlight, that is.

That’s just what happened the day before St Patrick’s Day. Bright, clear blue skies filled with fluffy white cumulus clouds. Birds twittering, walkers walking, runners running and buggies propelled. What am I on about? The Laragh Walk. A slow stroll or a quick jog? Which ever, a pleasure.

16 008Where then, I hear you ask, does time travel come into the picture? Easy. I’d say anyone who’s in a hurry can lash around the course in about an hour. Five odd kilometres, that’s all it should take to complete the walk. If, that is, you’re walking with the sole intent of punishing yourself while wearing blinkers.

16 020It’s probably best to park at the station if you’re coming in from the sticks to do the walk. I chose to begin my latest attempt from the Clane Road junction. I’m of the opinion that this gets the mind settled. The restful surroundings along the wooded lane are enough to get the imagination working… almost getting one’s vision transported to when the fairies and pixies came out to play more frequently.

16 053The first part of the walk has the Courtown House Estate’s grounds all along the right hand side. The scenery eventually opens up a bit… tall hedgerows replace tall trees, allowing the warmth of the sun to penetrate down a little lower. The only problem with the opening vistas? Time travel’s effects take over. Stop or pause more often. See the countryside in all it’s splendour.

16 049Yes, I know, it’s not all pretty. There’s a motorway dissecting the course… there’s the distant vista of the Kilcock town land off to the west once one crosses the motorway.

16 102There are many advantages to pausing a little more often in the warmth of the spring sunshine. Watching the wildlife and seeing how the billowing clouds change shape all add to the relaxation of the walk.

16 088I was blessed to catch sight of a pair of buzzards doing formation aerobatics against the backdrop of a massive cumulonimbus cloud. A good ten minutes was spent watching a young hare out on the feed.

16 180Then too, the hedgerow birds had me pointing the lens here… pointing it there, all in the attempts of getting a few shots off.

16 495All too soon one is back along the rail line. The walk into the village goes by quickly and if one is lucky, a stop off at the Royal Canal’s 16th Lock reveals a bit of boating action.

16 539Another way of stretching time without even trying? I enjoy standing on the bridge looking out toward the Wicklow Mountains. One is often rewarded with grand cloud spectacles. On the day in question I wasn’t disappointed.

16 511From the bridge back up to the starting point usually takes less than 15 minutes, unless one bumps into an acquaintance or two, or spots something else of historical interest, as I did on one of my walks. Thankfully the owners of this house have retained the old stone in the wall.

23 002There you have it. My version of time travel, Kilcock style. Set out for an hour or so of a stroll and return a few hours later… enriched and contented at the thought of finding so much to see. Here’s a thought though, for all who walk, jog or use this route… how about us doing something to de-litter the immediate surroundings? Are there like-minded folk who would be willing to get together and help? I’m sure there are. If so, why don’t you contact the Editor with suggestions?


This post was completed more than a month ago but as something else is always popping up I’ve not released it yet. I am happy to report that there are moves afoot… soon we’ll have a local litter picking group established… hold thumbs!

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4 Responses to Time Travel, Kilcock Style.

  1. Red Hen says:

    How did a Saffer-or anybody else-end up in Kilcock?;-)


    • aj vosse says:

      Long story… one of the multi nationals head hunted in SA…

      Kilcock seemed a good idea at the time. I will have you know, it’s still a good idea!

      Our boys went through the whole schooling thing here… now, as our youngest son is in leaving cert our first grandson has entered junior school… FUN!!

      On 26 April 2013 22:43, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


  2. A great country walk. Such a beautiful area


    • aj vosse says:

      Thank you!! Yes, I’ll show you later in the summer again… the winter is slowly letting go of it’s grip… 😉

      On 25 April 2013 09:00, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


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