Ha… Fashion? Along The Liffey?

Now where’s the help when you need them most? The sun is out… almost, the temperature is heading for a balmy 10 degrees… Celsius, that is and I’ve a job to do. Yes, and the previously mentioned help must have forgotten to pack the portrait lens… and the wide-angle, and the fish-eye. Flip, flip and flip again! How is a man to do his job without the necessary tools?

There is me… strolling along the Liffey… seeing things of beauty. Working the camera… looking, seeing… experiencing. And… then it dawns on me, I’m supposed to be working. Yep… there’s a photo shoot in progress and I’m not paying attention. Red carpet offence? Could well be in the greater scheme of things but at that exact moment things didn’t matter too much. After all… it was a romantic one man stroll down the Liffey… the soft, warm light adding to the ambiance. It was time for camera romance.

OK… you get the picture.  No… how can you if I haven’t given it to you. Here we go… the scenario as mentioned before. Photographers.

Where's my wide angle portrait lens when I need it most?? ;-)Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’m dreaming again. But am I? This time I stumbled upon a photo shoot of sorts in progress. Or, was it some promotional advert being captured? I don’t know. What I do know is that they did seem to notice my bold intrusion into their private world. At one point they turned, all glaring, in my direction but me, the intrepid Liffey walker just kept on relentlessly snapping away.

Hence the mention of lenses. I’m sure you’ll forgive me for the slightly blurred pictures… action (intrusion) photography with the wrong lens is not recommended. Well, who really cares? All I’m a tad worried about is that the post goes viral and this merry band of beauties comes looking to claim royalties…

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2 Responses to Ha… Fashion? Along The Liffey?

  1. Red Hen says:

    Oh they are cross with you! Love that walk along the Liffey. Great light and you`ll never know what you`ll see.


    • aj vosse says:

      Indeed! I’m also a bit miffed with myself! Should have taken a little more care with the focus… that glare would have been a great capture if I got a better shot! 😉

      On 27 April 2013 07:28, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


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