LIGHT – Ailsa’s WTT

Lights on, lights off. Shed light on the subject… illuminate the matter a tad. Light up the arena… brighten up the mood. Light moods? Mood lights? Light. Inspiration. Yep, we even depict that bright ‘Eureka’ moment with the glowing light bulb logo, don’t we?

Light is as important to this little planet is as oxygen… well, maybe more important as if the light fails the oxygen generators will also fail. So I think you’ll agree with me that light equates life! As I mentioned in the comment on Ailsa’s challenge this week… I was hoping for something a little more motor related. I had a wee chore to complete yesterday which entailed a bit of commuting and walking… so, I was planning a travel-like gallery.

But Ailsa surprised us again with this week’s challenge… light. OK, I thought as the day wore  on… what shall I show you? It wasn’t much of a show stopper. The intensity of the sky-scapes were rather captivating. By the time I made if back home we even went off to look for the almost full moon. More shades of light. Can I use a term like that? Shades… light shades. No… not lamp shades!

Then, speaking of the almost full moon, Ailsa features quite a looker so why don’t I give you one as well? This one was taken on Thursday night, by the GLW. I’ll take about 0.00375% credit for the photo. How? Well… the good lady did nick my camera to get the shot!

Moon Smiley... April 2013 full moon See anything? Smile on you crazy diamond… smile on!

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4 Responses to LIGHT – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. bevchen says:

    Oh wow, that moon shot is AMAZING!!


  2. livvy30 says:

    Well done to your GLW-fabulous moon shot!


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