Ode to the Rainbow Nation

There was hopeful joyous anticipation, even celebration
On that momentous 94 April day of awaited rejuvenation
Expectant cues formed at each and every polling station
To vote for the new leaders of the young Rainbow Nation

Great promises of prosperity for folk from far and wide
“Don’t listen to them, no… come join the struggle’s side”
Folk of all creeds discarding history, throwing bias aside
The Nation grew bold, united in dignity, hope and pride

Slow the transition, “They’re beginners, give them time”
While the result is the escalation of violence and crime
No signs of the utopian paradise promised so sublime
Life is short, in the distance more funeral bells chime

If prosperity is so great why do folk die day after day?
Would you let your children out in the streets to play?
Denial’s no gain, there’s too many nerves on the fray
Behind your walls in razor wired compounds you stay

Peace, love and understanding in the Rainbow Nation
Parliament’s a joy, giving themselves another ovation
Yet in the streets human rights are in serious violation
Across the land promises have turned into starvation

Red’s the colour of the blood, blood staining the land
While the esteemed leaders build mansions so grand
Hope yellow bright with the blood seeps into the sand
Politicians squander and waste the once mighty Rand

Indigo, blue, violet the colours of the angry raging sea
Many into your waters will go if only healing there’ll be
If all was fine for the rainbow folk why do they still flee?
For a brighter future… their young in freedom to see!

Proudly atop masts the flags flutter against the blue sky
Silence over the green bush settles as the fish eagles fly
Winter’s breezes whipping, dancing dust devils swirl by
While shanty town’s poor folk of illness or starvation die

The great land once afflicted by a white or black divide
Embraced peace, joy and understanding country-wide
The leaders gathered at indabas to proclaim with pride
Victory and gratitude for the sacrifice of those who died

Now, all these years later rainbow dreams have withered
While in parliament the ignoble have endlessly dithered
Corruption’s serpent across the fallow land has slithered
Driving hunger’s disease before it like a roaring blizzard

Future’s bright hope for rainbow glory is tarnished, faded
In dirty shanty streets life’s quality and value is degraded
Lame excuses for poverty and illness are stale and jaded
All society has now by corruption’s sad rot been invaded

Leaders, shifty tycoons, time to bow your heads in shame
You’ve defiled the sanctity of freedom’s once bright flame
Your evil deeds on apartheid’s wrongs you shift the blame
Pervert justice, building mansions in the struggle’s name

The crack, snap and sparkle of fireworks light up the sky
Not in celebration as the police bullets at the unarmed fly
Poor humble protestors in the scores in the dust must die
As many of the forsaken persons wonders as to just why?

Grand vision of joy, peaceful birth of the Rainbow Nation
Replaced by sorrow, the painful rewards of emancipation
Red yellow orange, today’s colours of anger and violation
Disgruntled wonder about sacrificing at the polling station

Gone is the exuberance that ebbed from shore to shore
Greens of once fertile lands replaced by a festering sore
Blue indigo violet, cold colours knocking on decay’s door
Bring peace to the nation, the people can suffer no more

Let the world take note of the torturous death of a nation
May the folk out there help stop the increasing starvation
Stop the crime, hate, death… end corruption’s deprivation
Then we can rejoice at the rebirth of the Rainbow Nation!!

Rainbow over Table Mountain... courtesy the i-web again! - https://www.google.ie/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=YBPG9ZiS_QjCfM&tbnid=4cx243tcFRr4aM:&ved=0CAMQjhw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.capetownskies.com%2Frainbows.htm&ei=LAmBUYqHBsjd7Qba-4DYAQ&bvm=bv.45921128,d.ZGU&psig=AFQjCNHXkn-W_7vt9034StElFaVo-neIRg&ust=1367497377648321This verse is written to celebrate the memory of all those who have suffered! It is my way of showing respect and also my way of saying the horrendous killing of the young lady from Bredasdorp in the Western Cape, Anene Booysen, has left a deep scar on my psyche. It was one of those senseless crimes that stirred the nation but I’m afraid, if constant reminders aren’t provided then her death, like so many others, will just be another smear on the South African conscience and another stain on her soil!

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4 Responses to Ode to the Rainbow Nation

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  3. As a proud South African who still lives in South Africa I get very sad when I read things like this. Yes, we do have huge problems in this country and in many cases more than in a lot of other countries (and it will be wrong to turn a blind eye to it), but its not all as bad as some would like to make it out to be. There is a lot of good being done in this country as well. Yes there are corrupt politicians, bad cops and shady businessmen, but we also have good politicians who really work for the people, cops who give 200% to fight crime and business people who believe in investing in this country. Over and above all South Africa stays a prime tourist destination and messages like this put potential tourists off by also creating a miscoinception of the country to them. The same goes for foreign investors wanting to invest and assist to better the country. Some of us work hard to make this a better place for all to live in and visit and unfortunately something like this undermines our, my, efforts.


    • aj vosse says:

      Hi Jonker,

      I truly value your participation but all I’m asking is that the world should sit up and take notice of the evil. How do you think apartheid was eventually eradicated? By publishing the facts about the evils of the system.

      All I ask is that we end the evil and save lives. I don’t ask for the world to stop going to South Africa. I don’t ask for the world to start undoing the good work. I point out that since the current system is in place the evil has increased. I do envy you your lifestyle. I do wish to return to my country but if I was so wrong then why would there be so many South Africans all across the globe asking (maybe) the same questions.

      Why is the murder and violence escalating? Why are farmers still being slaughtered across the land? I posted a little while ago that we’re not knocking South Africa, we’re wanting the world to apply pressure on the corruption and in so doing start making a positive difference!

      I yearn for my country but I don’t want to subject my family to a life of constant fear, as we were living in before leaving SA. (We were the target of a few violent incidents… many of our then neighbours were affected… I can give many examples!!)

      Don’t get me wrong… your work is invaluable… yet, we have to face reality. Tourism cannot fix SA’s issues… political might is needed! NOT violence! SA has had enough of that!

      I ended today’s post by saying mu verse is a tribute… I’ll add, it’s not a condemnation. I am paying my respects. Please have a look at my post about not knocking SA… I say more there!

      Thanks again for expressing your opinion. It will only be when folk talk about the issues that something may happen!

      God Bless my friend… I often wish to be in your shoes in a city and country that I dearly love.



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