That Effin Bridge… And Other Assorted Tribulations…

Earlier this week I was blessed in quite a few ways. I could get to spend a few hours with the boats as they descended through the last few Royal Canal locks into Spencer Dock. I’d never has the opportunity of passing beneath the dreaded Effin Bridge, as it’s now known by most of the boating fraternity in the northern hemisphere.

Another blessing? The sun shone for all it’s worth… as if the boats had dragged the beginnings of summer kicking and screaming all the way to the Irish east coast… quite a long haul, they’ll all testify! There were signs of shorts and tee-shirts to be seen here and there. There ware also many cameras to be seen… and dignitaries… and the lads from WI ready to help.

Boy, was help needed in places. Nine large ladies needed moving. Lock gates needed opening… ropes needed pulling… water levels needed adjusting and alas, I needed to scarper and get to work so, I missed some of the action. Well, I mentioned I was blessed. Yep, on my stroll to the station after work I was fortunate to find all nine the large ladies still in Spencer Dock… preparing to exit into the Liffey on the low tide. Yep, they’d had to hang around and wait for the receding tide… such is the stresses involved with boating!

OK… enough chatter… sorry, enough waffling… I’ll get on with it and give you the gallery… enjoy!

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2 Responses to That Effin Bridge… And Other Assorted Tribulations…

  1. livvy30 says:

    The swan reflection shot is great!


  2. Red Hen says:

    Good post! Interesting pics! Seems boat watching is a hobby all of its own and canal life progresses v-e-r-y slowly. Us country folk must`ve waited quite a while for our barrels of Guinness one time. And the city folk waited patiently for their turf.
    Really love that swan looking at his reflection.Reminds me of an old fairy story…


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