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This week Sara at WordPress must have guessed I was in a ´from above´ frame of mind. How so? Well, you saw yesterday´s post where I showed you the grand old dames making their way through the last few locks of the Royal Canal on to the Liffey. That little mission went well and not only did the boats make it into the Liffey but they actually crossed Dublin’s mighty river and kept going into the Grand Canal Basin where they are now holed up for a wee while.

I mentioned on the IWAI forum that I’d maybe even post a few more photos… maybe even from above. Then the challenge arrives in the mailbox… how coincidental… how convenient! From above…

Dublin's GCD as seen on 03 May 2013Then, I couldn’t resist slipping in a street view as well… just to ensure we don’t get our perspectives too out of line with these birds eye panoramas.

Street view of Dublin's GCD, 01 May 2013.  Note Google Docks in the background... yes, there's a link there somewhere... There you have it… from bulky gallery the day before to 2 simple photos… all in two foul swoops… all the result of a bit of looking down from above.

PS – The folk who drop in from time to time may remember a few other views from above… please click here to compare a sunnier photo from last year…

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11 Responses to From Above – WPhotoC

  1. Zen says:

    Boats! Very colorful. 🙂


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  9. S Meaders says:

    Great shots!


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