Imagine Reality?

I was looking for a photo to place over at the IWAI post I was doing when I stumbled on this pic I’d taken while out boat chasing. Another photographer alerted me to the scribble. I was on the bridge looking down when I noticed him staring at the wall through the lens of a camera. I waited until he was out of sight before superstitiously sneaking by to have my own look…

Well, while I was looking through the photos I realised I should have used this picture for last week’s ‘ditty‘ post… but then, I didn’t so why not ask the question now? As we’re onto philosophical matters far too complex for my understanding I may just as well throw in another little poser… why can’t we all be in the same place at the same time on family birthdays? Time travel and poetry? Poetry and reality? Reality and time travel… who knows!

Poetry V reality? ;-)Oh well, as neither poetry without concrete or realistic time travel exist (yet) I’ll have to wish you a virtual happy birthday… I’ll be supping a wee sip as I think of your arrival at another milestone… do enjoy your birthday. God Bless!

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