In Pursuit of the Bumblebee…

Yesterday was warm… balmy warm, by Irish standards. Not warm enough to strip off all the layers though. Well, not for me anyway. It was, however, warm enough to get the bees and an assorted array of other six and eight-leggers out. Warm enough to get a few 2 legged creatures out as well.

Warm enough to entice cameras outdoors. Cameras in macro mode. I set off on a quest for the illusive bumblebee. As one or two of you may have noticed in the past, the bumblebee and daffodil are part of this blog’s identity. There I was, in the garden… hunting. There’s a patch of bluebells close to the front door. Whenever I don’t have a camera in hand there seems to be a bumbler or two about but not so when the camera is in evidence.

As luck would have it though, I was fortunate to spot one fat lad flitting about near a pelargonium bush… zoom-zooming from flower to flower. After quite a few attempts I managed to get a few shots off and in my quest for a freeze frame I changed to a higher shutter speed. The clarity is good but the photo is slightly dark. I do like the colour and so, I’ll stick up this photo so you can see I wasn’t fibbing.

Bumblebee... Enjoy your week… don’t do what I wouldn’t!

PS – remember Zach? Well, he may soon pay us a visit or two again in the near future… the tension mounts!

After seeing the photo in the preview I wondered about the quality … so, just before you accuse me of consistently posting inferior pics I thought I’ll include another… just to prove I can do a tad better!

Bumblebee 2

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9 Responses to In Pursuit of the Bumblebee…

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  2. Sallyann says:

    Beautiful … with a capital Bee !


  3. munchow says:

    Yes, the last pictures is great, but I do like the first one. I think it’s fun that the bumblebee is hiding in the flower.


  4. jbwye says:

    that second pic is fantastic! And I cant wait to here more about Zach…


  5. Diane C says:

    That last one is an impressive shot!


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