In Preparation…

Somewhere during Sunday evenings’ blogging activities a thought swung by. Yep, one of those candle moments… I’m not evolved enough yet for light bulb flashes. Blogging activities? I managed to catch up with quite a few errands… visiting a number of blogger’s latest offerings. Yes, it’s good manners to be mannerly…

OK… I’ll stop the waffle. What was the thought? Less is more. No, not again, I hear you cringe. What’s got into him now? Simple. Some time ago I posted about balance… meaning to do a whole series about where I’m going with my blogging and writing. Now, I’ve revisited that idea. The new job will need much attention so if I want to keep blogging I’ll have to find that balance I so struggle with!

Bee on bluebell... So here’s the thought… how about doing only 700 words per week? Fun? Fun! FUN. Maybe, maybe not. If I then do one of the promised Zach stories, using 550 words on one day then I’ll have to balance the other days by only using the remaining words. No, it’s not going to be an easy feat… of that I’m sure. I think it may well not be possible for me to achieve that limitation. So why bother? I don’t know… maybe just to prove to myself how futile some of my candle moments can really be.

There you have my latest not-so-well idea. In preparation I’ll use the rest of this week to practice keeping the daily quota below 100 words… then, next week, from Monday I’ll see if I can manage at least one week below the 700 mark… strange…

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5 Responses to In Preparation…

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  2. Love the photo!

    Join the crowd on the blogging time problem. Just when I think I have it all under control, I fall a week or more behind. I’m finally realizing I just need to quit worrying about it. I’ll eventually get around to the blogs I enjoy, and I’ll put up posts when I have the time and something to babble about. I thought I had it down pat when I set a certain amount of time aside for blogging each day, but other things crop up to fill the space. … I plod on.


  3. Sallyann says:

    Oh dear, you don’t believe in making life easy for yourself do you ?
    Won’t setting a word limit give you more to think about and take more time and effort ?
    How about a balance of blogging when you get time and not blogging when you don’t ?
    Or to keep your every day record, a balance of writing when you can and just post a picture on days when time is scarce ?
    By the way, nice catch with Mr Bumble.


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