Costume – Ailsa’s WTT.

When I first saw the challenge arrive I thought Ailsa had me stumped  However, within 30 seconds I knew the way forward on this one. Costume. Now there’s one for the book, thought I. Where will I find something? Well, as today is the first day of my Royal Canal walk for Midlands SIMON I could not go far wrong if I mentioned I’ll be wearing one of their tee-shirts… emblazoned with the official logo. That’s a costume piece  is it not?

Midlands SIMON

I’ll show you the logo again… just so you don’t forget what it looks like. On to matters related but different. The Royal Canal has its own set of characters who frequent the waterway. The crew of the Dutch Sailing Barge ‘Nuiwen Sorgen’ have been known to cause the odd raised eyebrow with their period costume.

A bit of red?

And another…

There are days...… and another! There’s only one way about it… this lad is good!!

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2 Responses to Costume – Ailsa’s WTT.

  1. Diane C says:

    My first thought when I saw the second picture was,”Hey, that’s George Carlin dressed as a pirate!” LOL. Nice post


    • aj vosse says:

      Sorry… I’m no good with names… had to stick the fella’s name in the search engine. Drat, I still don’t know the fella. Yep, I know… rather uneducated, I am… 😉


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