Curves… WPhotoC…

Whoopy… here’s a first for OMBH. I’ve actually beaten the weekly photo challenge topic of the week by a few days. Yes, if you don’t believe me then scroll down of click here. Was it pure fluke? Intuition? Fate? Chance or just luck? I wouldn’t have the foggiest. Maybe I can be so bold as to suggest Sara was lacking ideas so the good lady visited a few (thousand) other blogs to find inspiration. Yeah, likely!

Whatever the reason may be… I can’t refer to that post now as it has to be something specifically prepared freshly for the challenge. I had a few thoughts… the lovely, shapely shadowed profile of a curvaceous female form. NO… that would be rude… or would it be? The delightful curves of a Ferrari or Bentley… or Roller? No… that would suffice for only about one half of the earth’s population.

So, what then? My post the other day featured man-made objects so I’ll stick with nature this time. Since I haven’t yet found a model who’s willing to do the posing for the curvaceous capture I’ll have to stick with something less raunchy… or, how about a few birds of another kind? OK… just before you accuse me of being a plain MCP I’ll throw in a few sexy curves of the floral kind as well…

OH… just by the way, if you think I have an unhealthy fascination with the female form… you may be (almost) right. Yep, I on occasion get the better of myself… and after adding a few fluid ounces of good red stuff to my system scribble lines to paper… if you’re interested… click here… I hope you’re not to shocked at the poor effort!

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11 Responses to Curves… WPhotoC…

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  6. restlessjo says:

    That is a beautiful shot of the suave guy. 🙂


  7. says:

    Simply wonderful Gallery. The swans are so majestic!


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