Homework All Done!

Well, can our homework ever be done? No, not housework… homework. I’m referring to all the blogging tasks I needed to catch up on. Yep, the new job has taken its toll. Now, I don’t have the time to spend on the commute to write and catch up on visiting the blogs of others.

Less commuting and you’re complaining… I hear you say. Yep, less commuting is a positive in so many ways but it played an important part in my writing and blogging. Almost 2 hours a day to be creative or to respond to the likes and comments of fellow bloggers. Oh well, life moves on and adapting is all about moving on with the changes. As our (drill) instructor during basic training in the air force used  to say…

... improvise to survive … 

That’s become one of my life’s philosophies. Adapt or die. OK… that’s a bit harsh. Part of the homework is to express gratitude as well. No, that’s not homework, that’s a pleasure. Saying thanks to all you patient folk out there who call around and put up with my aches and pains, my ranting and strange sense of humour… only to get forgotten. No, you’re never forgotten.

Thanks too, all the new folk who have found the time to visit and hit the follow option. Yep, I’m keeping track. It’s gratifying to see the numbers creeping up. It makes all my blogging worthwhile.

The other bit of homework I’ve been given lately was when I visited the doctor. Last week’s post about my rather bad time with one of my tablets tells about that. The day I left the doctor’s practice he jotted down a few scribbles on one of his pads.

“Here..” he said, “off you go, do your own homework and then tell your readers.”

I’ve told you some and given you a few links in that post so I won’t say too much more. What I do want to share is a few numbers that became rather apparent while I was doing my homework. The package leaflet accompanying my tablets made for some fascinating reading.

Phrases like ‘Rare, affects 1 to 10 users in 10000’ or ‘common side effects (affects 1 to 10 users in 100) …’

Look at those probabilities… affects 1 to 10 in 100. That can be 10% of folk using the stuff! Now think of it this way… what are your chances of winning a large lotto prize? If you give me odd of 10000 to 1 I’ll happily continue with my merry investments. If you gave me odd of 1000 to one I’d be more than willing to play quite a sizable chunk of my monthly income and if you gave me a ten to one shot at winning a few million I’d almost bite your hand off.

Makes you think doesn’t it? Here we are quite literally taking on odds of making ourselves ill over investing in better health, or a lotto win. I, for one, will be rather careful about what the medics prescribe in the future… after all, the money I would have to spend on paying for harmful drugs could well be diverted to a winning lotto cause!

Star burst... sun burst... happy bright  Monday! ;-)I’ll leave you with a bit of post weekend brightness… yep, the homework paid off!

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