Ripples… Ailsa’s WTT…

What do you get when you toss a pebble into the water? An ever-increasing set of waves… well, tiny waves called ripples. Fun to watch. Now, what do you get when you toss a pebble into the water in the wake of a duck’s bow wave? More fun!

Breaking out... These were the beginnings of the thought processes when I first read Ailsa’s challenge this week. Ripples. I have many photos but I wanted something fresh. Ailsa featured a duckling doing ripples. Yep, I have enough photos of ducklings to fill a mini gallery. No… there must be something else.

The pebble adding to the ripples... top left corner was caused by my pebble... I would go down to the Kilcock Harbour after work… take GSK and GSA along and with the help of Junior Son I’d manage some photos of duck ripples. Little did I know that the only duck in sight would be so obliging. In the top photo it looks like he’s breaking out. The second photo has me adding effect… top left corner ripples caused by my pebble…

Blue ripples? Glide on duck... glide on! Kilcock Harbour, Royal Canal... Ireland.The added colour is the reflection of a blue barge, aptly named Big Blue. The white bars are the reflection of the stern access gate… adds to the fun, don’t you think? There you have it… more waves… eeer, ripples on the pond!

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4 Responses to Ripples… Ailsa’s WTT…

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  3. 76sanfermo says:

    My fave is the first ,though I recognize that ” something else” in the other two……!


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