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This week’s photo challenge had me scratching my head a bit. Companionable? I wasn’t sure I’d seen the word used quite like this before. Companion, companionship… they are common place yet companionable seems a bit of a strange concept. Well, not concept… strange way of expressing the thought.

Anyway, Michelle set the tone. Two photos. Her daily companions… her pets Chester J and Felix P share a special place in her life. I didn’t have to think too hard about how I should go about answering Michelle’s challenge. My immediate thought was to share something about my life companion but that would leave me with so much to say. Also, the GLW isn’t too fond of me blowing her trumpet or posting photos. I get the outhouse dog box if I do sneaky posts featuring her good self.

Where then? Easy. In the last 15 months or so I’ve had a companion with me almost daily. I seem to be able to leave the house without my phone… or on the odd occasion my wallet, yet… the Nikon seems always present. I’ve wondered what the life expectancy of a SLR shutter mechanism could be. I may well wear it out in a few year’s time. Good excuse to upgrade?

The Nikon working overtime... well, if it didn't you wouldn't get a look at some of mi mischief! ;-)The thing is… it would be grossly unfair to mention the SLR and not say a fond word or two about its predecessor. That little point and shoot was also a constant companion. Most of the photos posted here at OMBH before April 2012 are courtesy of the little black job… long my your memory and images last!

Point and shoot special. My little black job went everywhere with me!Unfortunately, the very medium that helped capture it’s image caused it’s demise. The little job landed in the Royal Canal on that fateful weekend when so many things went wrong. OK… why are these two companions so companionable? Simple… without their assistance this blog would’ve been rather dull and dreary. Imagine reading all my waffle without an image or five for distraction!

During my hunt for the photos I recalled a rather attractive pic taken by my GLW during last year’s Tall Ships. Never was the camera in better company… your’s truly excluded. Oh well… those two lasses will make any old codger and his camera companion look good, won’t you say?

Those two Nikon lasses make any old codger and his camera look good!

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19 Responses to Companionable – WPhotoC…

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  4. you are very creative.. 🙂


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  7. Well, hello there 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      Greetings! Yep… occasionally I creep out of my dog box… to the detriment of society.

      When will we see you in all your glory?? 😉


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  11. restlessjo says:

    I am trying so hard to escape to my dashboard to put up a post this morning but there are so many great posts in my Reader. Know the feeling?
    Love your take on the challenge. 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      Get away from that dashboard! 😉

      I’ll soon call by to have a look at your post! Have fun… 😀

      On 29 June 2013 08:14, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


  12. Great first shot!


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  14. This is perfect . I LOVED it. ( picture Iphone here)


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