Sculpture… Ailsa’s WTT

Well, what do I know? Nothing really. If I could read minds I wouldn’t have used the Naked Lady of Sandymount to adorn last Tuesday’s post. No, I’d have kept the pictures for today’s edition of Ailsa’s weekly travel theme. Sculpture. Where on this planet could one find any better model than the human form to sculpt?

Oh well, no use reminiscing about lost opportunities or misplaced posts. Get on with it then… do something original. Difficult, as I’ve probably posted every picture I’ve ever taken of a sculpture or 3D art piece between the Irish Sea and the Shannon. All but one… one I took on the same day I snapped the curvaceous lady. However, it was the simplicity of Marion’s post that sealed the deal for me.

Maybe Ailsa has walked past this sculpture before… maybe not. The patina and streaky bird sh*te stains enliven the sculpture. It’s a simple bust of the very un-simple great. William Butler Yeats… a native of Sandymount, the first Irish recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The bust of William Butler Yeats in Sandymount, Dublin, Ireland.

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