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Reading Cheri’s post soon caused thoughts to bounce around in my head. Unfortunately we didn’t have the luck of owning SLR’s while living in South Africa. That means we don’t really have too many photos of the days before our departure in 2001. Yes, that’s so long ago it feels like a lifetime.

That’s not really the point though. Today’s photo was taken with a little 2 meg point and shoot. There seems to be very little happening. Yes, one can see the dolphins in the water, no… they’re not jumping… yes, the big red ball is one of their targets. The water colour is special… the place is special, if you accept the fact that the dolphins are kept in captivity for the amusement of humans.

The nostalgia comes with the story. The memories caused by our visit to the water park in the Algarve. It was a hot summer’s day… we actually chose to to see the dolphins when the day was at it’s hottest. Why? The seating arena is covered, giving us some respite from the heat.

One thing the good lady wife and I didn’t anticipate was the effect the show would have on us. I think both of us sat there with lumps in our throats at how this show dragged our minds back to the sunny summers in our hometown back in South Africa. The Port Elizabeth Oceanarium was a firm favourite with us. We often took the kids there during the summer holidays.

Why then the lumps in the throats? I think we both realised at that moment in time that living in Ireland, beautiful as it is, was not the lifestyle we were accustomed too. We both realised that if ever we wanted to enjoy what we were used too that we’d have to get on an aeroplane and find it somewhere else. I’d say it is now clear to me… nostalgia is the symptom but the root cause is loss… loss of that indefinable moment or segment of our lives we once took for granted and now know we most likely cannot ever re-live again! 

The dolphins in the Algarve... such a strong reminder of the Oceanarium in Port Elizabeth, South Africa!Sea World? I think that’s the name of the place. Marine World? I can’t remember. What I can remember is the memories caused by the visit. I don’t think I’ll ever want to see a dolphin show again. I don’t think I’d even want to see a show in my own hometown, I believe things are just not the same there anymore. How could they be? The grand old lady, the matriarch, Dolly… has passed on to the great pond in the sky. Sad.


On a slightly different note. The photo was taken by the GLW. It’s worth mentioning as today is the first in series of posts I’m doing in the coming days… all featuring the good lady’s photos!

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5 Responses to Nostalgic – WPhotoC

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  4. None of us can go back to the past. But it must be especially hard to not go back to visit the places where the memories were made.


    • aj vosse says:

      Yes and no. I’ve learned to let life be as life will be. I don’t dwell on the past too often even though I long for a different lifestyle… something like we were used to!

      Oh well, life goes on… time tends to fade blunt pain’s edges a tad… 😉


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