The Golden Hour – WPhotoC

I have to confess, after the week we’ve had… wall to wall summer, showing off its beautiful sunrises and sunsets and me showing you some of the GLW’s photos, I wondered about skipping this challenge. You may think I’m stuck in a groove… one track minded or just too lazy to move on to something new. I won’t hold it against you if that is indeed the path your thoughts are taking.

I’m not abiding strictly to Cheri’s challenge. I’m twisting her words to suit my needs. Why? Cheri asks us to go out during the photograph’s golden hour and find a few photos… using the camera settings to get the desired effect. How am I twisting the intent of the challenge? Simple… I have so many sunrise or sunset photos in the folders that I’m thinking a gallery of older stuff will do well in a gallery. A gallery with a difference, I hope!

Some weeks ago I noticed a mosaic gallery with a difference. The odd gap was filled with white space. I commented but for the life of me I can’t remember who supplied the inspiration. Thanks! Now, with all the beautiful colours of the golden hour firmly in mind, I’m going to try something similar…

I’m thinking the golden hour has turned into a happy hour… a happy hour of playing with colours, shapes and images… I hope you enjoy the offering as much as I enjoyed preparing it!

PS – I got a bit carried away… click anywhere to enlarge the photos and scroll through using the arrows. To add to the fun, the gallery is set in random mode… it will change each time you hit refresh. More fun!

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21 Responses to The Golden Hour – WPhotoC

  1. AnnaLinnehan says:

    Wow! AJ these are pretty “awesome!” I’ll need to start having my camera with me more often! Thanks for sharing…


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks Anne… yes the order of grabbing when leaving the house should be… back pack with camera and lens, wallet, umbrella… maybe a bit of lunch and water… phone? 🙂

      On 9 August 2013 23:50, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


  2. Great gallery, you have captured some really stunning sunset colours!


  3. joanfrankham says:

    Wow, such stunning photos, you have been busy.


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  5. The Rider says:

    Lekker man lekker… love your photos!


  6. Lovely pics Vossie


  7. 76sanfermo says:

    I think this is perfect for the challenge…….and for us to enjoy!
    Thanks for this share!


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks you… I really enjoyed putting together the gallery… it’s really great when I then get such positive feedback! 😀

      On 14 July 2013 11:26, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


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  9. A awesome set, and a LOT of work putting it together for us. Thanks!


  10. de Wets Wild says:

    There’s a bunch of really beautiful images in this gallery AJ Vosse – me thinks you did an excellent job for this week’s challenge!


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