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This week I’m not really on an even keel. You may have noticed I’ve been a tad out of kilter with the last few posts… asking strange questions and including off-beat suppositions, so… Ailsa has got me just where I want to be. Tilted!! Mentally tilted? Some say I’m more than tilted… I’m totally sloped off the edge of the planet!

The thing is… I’m having fun with all my quirky suppositions and suggestions. The problem though, are you having fun reading all my waffle? So… as Ailsa has given me free licence, now is the ideal time to include a few tilted images. With all this temptation of tilting-out I set off into town last night. That in itself was quite a strange sensation. Remember, only 2 months ago I was still walking to Connolly Station on a Friday evening to go home and now I was walking away from Connolly to join the new workmates for an evening out.

Dublin's Spire against a blue sky... has the heatwave caused it to wilt? ;-) July 2013... summer at last!!My route crossed O’Connell Street… Dublin’s ‘main’ road. What better of an opportunity than to show you something skew. Yep, I’m afraid Ailsa will be surprised to see what the heatwave has caused. Things are drooping, wilting and just downright suffering in all this extended sunshine! Long may it last! The Spire as you’ve never seen it before… wilted in the heat!

The horrid Liberty Hall in Dublin has the odd redeeming feature... the tilted roof detail against a blue summer sky... points of interest?The heat obviously got too me as well… there I was, standing in front of Lotto HQ, looking up at one of the ugliest buildings in Ireland to see something attractive. At least against the blue sky the tilting roof detail warrants a photo.

The stroll through the city streets necessitated turning the lens often… away from some of the abominable sights on offer. The sunshine seems to help switch usually rational folk’s brains right off. There was so much blotchy white/ pink/ red/ scarlet flesh about one almost needed blinkers not to get eye damage. Note I say almost… there was the odd sight to sooth the aching eyes… the odd tilt that would reaffirm my faith in sanity of human kind!

Let's add a Germanic tilt to this post! ;-)So, with this Germanic tilt on things… long may the slippery slope of summer continue… long may the sun’s rays tilt the sensory receptors of my mind!

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17 Responses to Tilted? – Ailsa’s WTT

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  2. joanfrankham says:

    Well done for spotting the tilting bike!!


  3. vastlycurious.com says:

    Quite the tilt !


  4. Diane C says:

    So who is the gentleman in the first picture. He looks kinda like Abraham Lincoln but I’m guessing there isn’t a statue of ole Honest Abe in Dublin????


    • aj vosse says:

      No… not Abe! The lad went by the name of John Gray… Sir John Gray. He must have been some seriously important person to still be standing on O’Connell Street and going by the title of Sir! 😉 I’ve just had a moment… could he have been the founder of the Earl Gray tea empire… wouldn’t know or care… can’t stand the stuff… 😛

      On 20 July 2013 18:41, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


  5. The Rider says:

    Pragtige Guzzi…


  6. Rotten Ray says:

    Now, if you were tilting in the other direction you may have a problem. Quirkiness and strange questions simply keeps the brain tilting in the right direction although others may find it odd. They are just tilting in the wrong direction.


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