Dublin Street Views – O’Connoll Street

Last Saturday I showed you Dublin’s Spire in the Tilted post inspired by Ailsa. Ailsa is a lass who hails from this neck of the woods but has now been traveling so long that she may have forgotten what Ireland looks like in general and Dublin in particular. I’m sure Ailsa isn’t alone… there are many Irish folk all over the planet who could enjoy the occasional peek at Dublin and surrounds. That’s where I arrive on the scene… well, at least for those who know about my blog. They can have a look-see at what’s on offer.

It’s been almost 2 months since I began this year’s ill-fated Royal Canal Challenge at the Liffey in Dublin. There’s been many a litre of Royal Canal water passing beneath Effin Bridge and into the river since that day… many a frustrating day, I must add. Yes… we’ve actually had some real summer this year and to my dismay I couldn’t walk the towpath. What get’s me the most is the fact that my attempt to raise much needed funds and awareness for Midlands SIMON has stalled. The charity page is live but the donations have dried up. Please do click here and help me get the donations moving again!!

OK… now I’ve given you two totally different storylines in one post. Why? Because that’s how my mind works. One of the subliminal reasons may be because I haven’t been able to include many Royal Canal summer scenes that I’m looking for other new material to show off. My visit to Dublin last Friday may have renewed the idea. As I cannot really walk very far at this stage it may be easier for me to go into Dublin on the odd occasion and get new material in the city… much like yesterdays and today’s photos.

OK… I’ll leave you with another tilted view… also taken in anticipation of being used in the tilted post. I enjoy the photo so I’ll throw it in. It was taken at 22h00 on the dot. One of the great things about Dublin in the summer… when the sun shines. Mind you, not long before I was wondering around in a back street and the next morning there was an item on the radio about a stabbing along one of the Quays… literally at the same time I was passing by here… less than 100 meters away from where I stood to take this photo. Life… it has its little quirks… does it not?

O'Connell Street sunset, 22h00 on a balmy summers eveing in Dublin, Ireland

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