Those Days…

The good lady comes to the rescue… grabbing the car keys… dashing out in slippers and (blue floral) gown… something she HATES doing!! Mentally I’m already making notes… I’m going to pay for this! We’re already seated and almost moving when the good lady remembers we have a slow puncture, picked up on last Friday evening’s sunset photo hunt, we think.

Yesterday’s commute to work reminded me of the post where the above snippet is taken from. Click here if you want to see how commuting, trains, cars and the said blue morning attire can have an adverse effect on the natural harmony of the planet. Yesterday was much the same… only, we were thankfully spared the flat tyre.

Just before we left home for the GLW to drop me off at the station a bit of rainbow appeared out in the distance. This resulted in the good lady gathering the camera and taking the obligatory shots… through the kitchen window. Oh, before I forget… the rainbow was the last sign of the rain we had during the previous night. Much needed as we’ve now officially entered heat wave and drought conditions because it’s been so sunny and hot. Always a down side to something good, is that not so?

Anyway… when we arrived at the station it was evident that there was something amiss. We spoke with a few folk… no, the trains were not running to Connolly… well, that is no matter, I’m only going as far as Louisa Bridge. No, all the inbound trains were terminating at Maynooth. Drat… that meant I would still be stranded at Maynooth… so, much against the good lady’s wishes she agreed to drop me off at work. Through the traffic… while wearing the bright floral blue early morning attire!

The further we went the more the protestations grew… in intensity and frequency! The planet’s harmony was totally out of kilter by the time we reached my place of work. The cause of all the fuss? Seems the rain in the greater Dublin area was a little more severe than out our way. Not only rain but lightning and thunder. Apparently the issues with the trains not running was the result of lightning strikes on rail signalling equipment. Amazing how a few bolts of energy from the sky can cripple a whole city’s commuter infrastructure… and upset the planet’s harmony to such an extent that I may now have to acquire a bunch of flowers or two as a token of reconciliation!

July morning rainbows... sometimes there's an ominus meaning hidden behind the pretty facade! Only sometimes!PS – For those who may be slightly confused. I live two stations from work but the station in the middle is Maynooth. Maynooth is the end on the commuter network in Dublin so, it is a bit of a terminus. Thus, my ride would usually be from Kilcock, stop and go at Maynooth and off at Louisa Bridge. To solve all of these little imbalances in life I’m rapidly reaching the conclusion that 4 wheeled motorised transports is what’s required!!

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2 Responses to Those Days…

  1. Red Hen says:

    Ah, the poor woman! I feel her embarrassment. I imagine she cringed at every traffic light and was very bothered about having an accident on the way. And having to stand out of the car in full view of the world. Yes, yes, flowers. Pronto!


    • aj vosse says:

      But the blue floral morning attire is a thing of beauty… to be worn with pride!! Not only is a thing of beauty… practical, warm, comfortable and all in all just a good bit of morning brightener. The good lady should actually jump at the chance of going public with such a desirable garment! Just think… a craze may sweep the land… 😉 Yes, flowers it will have to be!! 😛

      On 26 July 2013 07:45, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


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