Sweet – Ailsa’s WTT

Ailsa concludes her challenge this weeks with the Bard’s quote so that’s what I’ll use to begin my post… sweet, indeed… how do we define the word?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – just as Mr Shakespeare himself would have confirmed!

I, for one, can’t quite appreciate the value of sweet. As a T2 diabetic things containing sugar should be avoided at all times… well, almost all times. I do occasionally indulge and my biggest weakness is dark chocolate. That, is enough of that… I’m not going to show you a large slab of the stuff… it may just upset the sensibilities of some, including my Doctor, who occasionally glances at my blog…

Sweet... if ever thare was sweet!! ;-)Moving onto the other definition of sweet… Mr Shakespeare brings a rose into the picture. Now I can appreciate the beauty of the flowers but as I have no sense of smell I can’t appreciate the scent produced by some of the blooms. I have to rely on kind folk around me informing me that rose such and such has no smell to draw more than the occasional glance. Others, like the one above, apparently gives off heavenly odours… enough to get my good lady singing the praises of the plant. That’s why you get to see it this week… not because the plant produces beautiful blooms… just because of the sweet smells associated with the blooms. That’s my story and I sticking with it… you just have yourself a great weekend and please, don’t do what I wouldn’t!


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2 Responses to Sweet – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. ailsapm says:

    Ah, what a beautiful rose, AJ – you did Master Shakespeare proud! xxx


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