Monday Macros – Masterpiece.

I couldn’t resist continuing with the masterpiece theme. However we look at life, whether it be the man-made creations we call masterpieces, or the simple things in life to be found all around us, there is beauty everywhere. We don’t have to move far to see it in the making or to witness some totally unexpected pleasure from an equally unexpected source.

Who could deny the fact that watching a spider building it’s web is watching nature creating another masterpiece? This little spider was so small one had to be wearing specks to see it yet it was going about its work with such ease. I stood watching for a minute or two… then went for the camera. That brought the GLW out with me… and two grandsons who, after we pointed out the little spider, enjoyed watching the tiny creature spinning it’s web in the sunlight. Imagine choosing such a bright and beautiful home…

A tiny master giving a masterclass!NOTE: I do apologise for my lack of response to all your visits. The crashing of my little laptop has caused severely restricted net usage for yours truly… it’s a bit of a random, opportunistic, smash and grab surfing escapade every time I want to do the daily post… however, do enjoy your week and thanks again for all your visits! Hopefully the little black job can be rescued from the Trojan wars… then I’ll try my best to catch up!

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