Wild – Ailsa’s WTT

Wild? In Ireland? Wild? It’s only the people who go wild. Well, some of them… not all. The wild beasts have been tamed many wild moons ago… the wild flowers are all sedated now… little of the true wilderness remains so where do I find wild?

I don’t really know but as this week’s theme is wild I’d better show you something that fits the bill. Banshees? Ghouls and ghosts… they, together with leprechauns, trolls and little bog people could all be deemed wild but my chances of catching or even photographing one has about the same odd as me getting pregnant.

Aha!! The weather has been kind of wild during the last few days. The clever forecasting folk in Europe even predicted we could have the odd tornado forming in Ireland. Now, if I could get close enough to take a picture my hair would be left in a wild state. On second thoughts… I could be left in a wild state of terror… imagine being tumbled about by fierce winds of that nature… wild!

Then… I sat for a wee while and pondered the errors of my ways. Wild in my youth, some may say. Not me though. Wild in my twenties and even my thirties others may venture. Well only occasionally wild… that’s when we went camping in the sticks… not the kind of wild you were contemplating. Wild in my forties and now into the next dreaded decade as well… yeah right! As wild as a tabby cat asleep in front of a raging winter’s fire. Wild as a wasp? A stinging wasp… now there’s a thought…

OK… I’m not too fond of wasps so I steer well clear. However, the other day I had a slight encounter with a bumblebee. The fellow was trapped in the kitchen, buzzing and banging into the window, so I thought I’d come to the rescue… bare handed. Wild mistake, I was soon to realise… some bumblebees have rather potent stings. That little encounter left me with a wildly throbbing thumb… so, my revenge? I’ll show you a few bumblebee photos… why not? I’ve not done a gallery for a week or so because of the poor health of the little black job but I’m sure that between the GLW and myself we have enough bumblebee photos to make something happen…

The good lady’s are the best… the thistle… the hostas… the foxglove… if you look closely you’ll even see raindrops in one pic! (I couldn’t do any cropping or aligning… so, what you see is all action!

Sorry… I became so engrossed that I over stayed my welcome… I hope you have a great weekend… may the sun shine for you… wildly!!

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4 Responses to Wild – Ailsa’s WTT

  1. a gentle wildness here me thinks, AJ.


  2. joanfrankham says:

    Some great photos, I love the thistles. I hope you have forgiven that bee and that you are not a wild man from Africa because of it! !


    • aj vosse says:

      The bee is long forgotten even though the sting mark is still visible on my thumb! Yes, the thistle ones are great… mostly taken by the GLW!! 😉 (She’s good… ) 😛

      On 3 August 2013 03:30, Ouch!! My back hurts!!


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